Pastor Assaulted For Wearing An Economic Freedom Fighters’ Cap!

A Johannesburg based church pastor says he was attacked last week for apparently wearing an EFF cap.

There’s a myth that the church shouldn’t meddle in politics. But if politics is the way a community orders its life across time for the common good, then the church should meddle away, working to make sure the marginalized, ignored and forgotten have a share in the common good.


In that case, pastors are important civic leaders within their churches and communities. Several studies have demonstrated that the cues pastors send from the pulpit affect congregants’ political attitudes.

However, we know little about pastors’ own political worldviews, which will shape the content and ideology of the messages transmitted to congregants. But, what happens when they pronounce it for the world to see? That remains a topic for another day dear reader.

A viral video doing rounds on the interwebs is showing a 38-year-old full-time pastor at Greater Glory international Ministries being assaulted badly by an unidentified man dressed in a black T-shirt at a petrol station in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Pastor Ron Rambebu, who was wearing an Economic Freedom Fighters’s cap (EFF) – a South African far-left political party- told local media he was that he was about to drive off when his assailant came towards his car window and started punching him at an Engen garage in Horizon Park, in Roodepoort on the West Rand.

In the first video, the alleged attacker is seen paying for items bought from inside the garage shop.

In the second video, Pastor Rambebu is seen being approached by the man near the petrol pumps. The man punches Rambebu several times through his car’s window.

Rambebu drives off, while the man and his friend wait at a white Ford Mustang. When Rambebu gets out of his car, the men drive off.

Rambebu said he went to the garage last week Friday for fuel. He said that when he stopped at the garage, he noticed the Mustang but there was no one at the car.

“After I finished, I paid and started driving. The next thing, I just felt punches coming through my window. At first, I thought I was being hijacked or something was falling on top of me, and I stopped. These guys were speaking Afrikaans and kept punching me. When I wiped my face, I saw it was just blood coming out,” he said.

The Greater Glory International Ministries cleric said he parked his car and got hold of a wheel spanner from a place which fixed tyres at the garage.

“As I turned, they started driving off. I tried to chase them, but I was too late.”

Rambebu said he went into the garage to get the CCTV footage and to ask the petrol attendants what had happened.

“They told me that those people said something about my EFF cap that I was wearing and that they were calling me the k-word. I didn’t respond, because I didn’t hear them,” he said.

He said he went to the doctor and opened a case at the Roodepoort police station.

“I want the guys to be arrested because I am angry and wanted to fight back – but I am a pastor and didn’t want to go to jail. Let the law take its course.”

Rambebu said he had never imagined being in such a situation and was angry because, to him, it was a “racial attack”.

“This incident has left me in a position where I now think these things about black and white people has now come upon me(sic). If the law can take its course and the perpetrators brought to book, that is all I want to see,” he said.

He thought it was unfair for the men to have pounced on him because of his support for a political party.

He told News24 he now has a bruise just below his right eyebrow.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela confirmed that an assault case had been opened.

Makhubela said they were investigating but no arrests had been made.

Warning: The footage below contains violence which may disturb sensitive viewers. Watch with discretion. 

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