Armed Robbers Attacks AFM Pastors, Leaving Them For The Dead

Two AFM pastors are living in fear of their lives after having cheated death following an assassination attempt that left them with head injuries.

Mrs Mujokeri suffered head injuries/

Two Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) pastors and their families are living in fear of their lives after having cheated death following an assassination attempt that left them with head injuries, broken bones and death threats, reports.


The assassination attempt occurred on May 22 at AFM pastors’ residential house in Rimuka Kadoma, with the pastor being identified as Pastor Mapiye and Reverend Kefias Mujokeri.

A leaked chat between AFM pastors has gone viral with one Pastor Pombo narrating the horrific incident.

“Pastor Mapiye Senior and Pastor Mujokeri who stays at same church stand, though pastoring different assemblies in the same area, were attacked by armed robbers. They invaded the church and attacked Pastor Mapiye whom they gave a thorough beating together with the wife.

They demanded cash and were given US $200, and around 900 bond plus rands of undisclosed figure. The thugs said the money was little and tied Pastor Mapiye and wife before they then broke into Pastor Mujokeri’s house, demanded cash and beat up the entire family with iron bars threatening them with death,” he said.

Rev Mujokeri broke 3 ribs and 3 back vertebrae bones while his wife has serious head injuries, both are receiving treatment at a private hospital in Harare.

A source that requested anonymity revealed to that this could be the work of rival factions fighting to control the church.

AFM in Zimbabwe is in the throes of internal power struggles as roughly half the members rally behind Reverend Amon Madawo while the other half has sworn allegiance to Reverend Cossam Chiyangwa.

Consequently, the church split a few months ago after Chiyangwa’s group broke out, citing irreconcilable differences with the Reverend Madawo’s predecessor Dr Aspher Madziyire.

The church’s international leaders called for a cession of hostilities between Madawo and Chiyangwa’s followers, but it appears the camps have reached irreconcilable and irredeemable stages.

Recently, the media has been awash with stories where physical fights or near-physical confrontation has been happening at AFM places of faith.

In April, Mail and Guardian reported that a church service at the AFM Milton Park in Harare nearly descended into a fist fight as two factions jostled over the church venue. Anti-riot police had to be called in to diffuse the tensions as a pastor was nearly beaten.

Reports indicate that there was a gentlemen’s agreement that the factions would hold services at different times. However, the Madawo faction could not stick by the deal and started to have sessions at the venue without agreement or consultation with the other part.

Some of the images are disturbing to watch.


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