The Children Are Not Mine: Pastor Speaks Out On Infertility & Wife’s Infidelity 

I secretly went for a DNA n it was clear I wasn't the father. I repeated the test for all 3 children and they are all not mine.

The Children Are Not Mine, Pastor Speaks Out On Infertility & Wife's Infidelity 
Pastor Ikemsinachi Nwafor Speaks Out On Infertility & Wife's Infidelity 

In a since-deleted Facebook post, a Nigerian pastor, Ikemsinachi Nwafor, has made a ground-shaking revelation that all “his” three children are biologically not his. By implication, his wife who is also a minister has been cheating on him through the eight years of their marriage.


The pastor, who also identifies as a teacher, health researcher, motivational speaker and marriage counsel, did not base his accusation on assumptions alone, rather he has shreds of evidence to prove his claim.

Unbeknownst to his wife, he revealed that he is infertile. The cleric wrote that he was involved in an accident with his friends five years before he met his wife. Although he survived, he was told that the incident had rendered him infertile and unable to procreate.

However, despite this disability, he has gone on to ‘father’ three children. Suspecting a foul play in the matter, the pastor did a DNA on his kids and he found out that they had no matches.

According to him, the annoying part was his wife was always at the forefront of telling women to be faithful to their partners. Nwafor said such a pretence has crippled his happiness and caused him to be irritated by both his wife and his three children.

Here is the post:


I have been married for 14years ‘we’ have 3kids(all boys) but none of them belongs to me. I know this for a fact but my wife does not know that I know. Let me explain. 5years before I met my wife, I was involved in a car accident together with two of my friends. We were traveling from Kasoa to Madina and our car skidded off the road. I was the only survivor of that accident, my friends died. I spent about 11months at the hospital and that left me with a condition that says I can’t have children.

I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a committed Christian after the incident. In summary I became a pastor in a local church in my community 5years later and met my wife in the process. I did not tell her about my condition because I was hopeful that God will heal me. 6years into our marriage my wife got pregnant and had ‘our’ first child.

To be sure, I secretly went for a DNA n it was clear I wasn’t the father. I repeated the test for all 3 children and they are all not mine. I have been living with this situation for the past 8 years and I am beginning to get irritated by both the children and my wife.

My wife pretends to be a good wife. She goes round preaching to young women in the church about the need to remain faithful to their partners but she has had 3 children by another man or men I don’t know. I want to confront her, but I am confused as to how to go about the situation. I am just angry and irritated by everyone in my house lately. I feel like a total stranger in my own home.

What should I do?

Efforts to get a comment from the pastor and why he felt it necessary to take down the post has been fruitless as his phone could not get through by the time of publishing.

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