Prophet Madungwe Defends Pastor Lukau’s Resurrection Miracle, But Says He Did Not See Elliot In Heaven!

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It has become a public secret that Alleluia Ministries International church and its General Overseer Pastor Alph Lukau have backtracked from their unusual “resurrection miracle” in which they claimed bringing a 3-days dead man back to life amid mounting pressure.

The church told SowetanLive that the deceased man, singled out as Elliot, was actually already alive when his body got to the church premises in Johannesburg, adding that Prophet Lukau only “completed a miracle that God had already started”.

Nevertheless, it could be cheering for them to know that what they probably witnessed or stage-managed, as some vocal critics have insinuated, was not so uncommon after all as last week alone, at least ten people who had died were sent back to earth from heaven, Prophet Talent Madungwe spoke out in defence of his counterpart.

Appearing live on a 326 Express slot on Star FM yesterday, the largely misunderstood founder of Remnant Desire of All Nations Ministries told Kudzai Violet Gwara (KVG) and Phathisani Sibanda:

“There is nothing out of the ordinary from what happened in South Africa. Even if we read the Bible well on John 11, we see Lazarus died for almost four days and he was even buried in a tomb. But after four days Jesus appeared and resurrected him. So, resurrection isn’t a wonder after all.

When a person dies it takes seven days for them to reach hell or paradise, our two waiting places before heaven. So, when a person is pronounced dead and then is resurrected, they would have reached the heavenly gates where a verification process is conducted by us the members heavenly army.

By these gates, people are sent to these following places, heaven, hell, and back to earth. Just this past week, about 10 people were sent back to earth because we saw their mission here had not been accomplished yet. So this (Prophet Lukau’s miracle) is not surprising, the dead can be resurrected.

But we’re not saying all the dead must be brought back to life. We only bring back those who die when their time in not right.”

Fascinated by Prophet Madungwe’s claim of overseeing life and death, KVG asked if he by any chance saw Elliot arriving in heaven and if he brought him back to life when Prophet Lukau prayed.

“As a Deputy heavenly Army commander, I don’t stand at the entrance gates. There are angelics that do that and they are under our department. I only authorise spiritual wars that let’s fight this battle. Our heavenly army board authorises who gets back to life or not. They are called heavenly delegates. But, If I want I can confirm for you if he (Elliot) ever arrived in heaven,” the tricenarian prophet who wrestled Satan and kept him in captive responded.

Among other loose-dimensioning subjects discussed during the interview, Prophet Madungwe also spoke on the issue of the true and false prophecy, in which he established himself as a true one.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean government yesterday dismissed claims that a Zimbabwean man was “resurrected” by a controversial pastor in South Africa as his body was being brought home, saying no repatriation papers had been processed to support the claims.

Zimbabwe’s Consul-General to South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro who signs repatriation letters for locals who died in the neighbouring country set the record straight in an interview with Bulawayo Bureau.

He said he was not in possession of papers clearing any Zimbabwean to be repatriated on Sunday from South Africa.

He said as the man was said to have died last Friday, there was no way the body could have been repatriated on Sunday as the whole process could only be done during weekdays.

Mr Mukonoweshuro said after the alleged death last Friday, there was no way the so-called family would have managed to clear the body in a day.

Watch Prophet Madungwe’s interview here or below:

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