“God Keeps The President in Office, Not Elections!”

Uganda's First Lady Janet Museveni says her husband has been leading the country for the last three decades because "God chose him."

"God Keeps The President in Office, Not Elections!"
President Yoweri Museveni & Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Museveni/ Theinsider.ug file

“I have been telling people that it is God who has enabled President [Yoweri] Museveni to be in power for this while. Do not think it’s just the elections. God is the one who puts leaders in charge of the people,”

Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Museveni has said.


Mrs Museveni, who is the Minister of Education, was speaking on Thursday during the launch of a water scheme in western Ntungamo District.

She added that as long as God needed Mr Museveni in power, no one can go against his will.

“If it was not for God’s will, citizens would not vote for him; even the power of the election cannot sustain him. When God has a purpose for you, he will keep you in power,” she said.

Mr Museveni, 74, is the fourth longest serving African president, having ruled Uganda for over three decades. He was elected to a fifth term in February 2016 and would have been ineligible to contest in the 2021 election but for the amendment of Article 102 on presidential age limit in 2017.

Mr Museveni, who seized power in January 1986, once said that leaders who overstayed were the root of Africa’s problems. Yet, while running in the 2016 poll, he said it was not the right time for him to leave because he still had work to do.

His government deals with the opposition ruthlessly with leaders facing harassment and physical assaults by security agencies.

What Mrs Museveni did is not the first time an African First Lady has said that her husband was put in power by God.

In November 2017, the then-First Lady of Zimbabwe, Dr Grace Mugabe, said her husband former President Robert Mugabe was an anointed leader, who God has chosen to lead the nation.

Addressing a stadium full of indigenous Apostolic and Zion sects at what was dubbed as the Super Sunday interface rally held at Rufaro in Mbare, the doctor:

‘President Mugabe, he’s an anointed leader. The one who doesn’t understand this is fighting him. An anointed leader will never be ousted by a mere human being. 

No matter what you do, because some are invoking apostolic prophets, not to pray for the absolution of their sins but to inquire how they can boot out Mugabe… He was chosen by God, you can even tell that by the wisdom that he possesses.’

The ‘anointed’ President Mugabe would, however, go on to resign in the same month, succumbing to a ‘coup d’état’ authored by his army general and his accessories.

It is only time before the world gets to see how the ‘chosen’ President Museveni will go.

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