Apostle Chiwenga Responds to VP Chiwenga’s Threats: I Speak What God Instructs Me To Say

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Jesus Revelation Ministries leader and street fisher, Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga, has pleaded with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga to leave his family out of their dispute, stating that he speaks what God instructs him to say.

In a live video broadcast yesterday evening, the Apostle said he was seized by military officers over the weekend after running into the VP’s heavily armed entourage at a relative’s rural homestead where the VP was preparing for a Roman Catholic Church-led prayer service following his discharge from hospital in South Africa.

The two, who are related, fell out after the 33-year-old preacher told his street audience that VP Chiwenga was unfit to lead Zimbabwe six months ago.

In the video, Apostle Chiwenga echoed his earlier sentiment that his cousin brother, the VP, is not fit to lead the country and that just like the Catholic priests who conducted his welcome home worship service, he is not saved.

Watch the full video of Apostle Chiwenga’s response:

Last week VP Chiwenga namedropped apostle T.F Chiwenga in a stern message targeted on all “fake prophets” hiding behind the name of God to attack national leadership and extort money from the public.

Speaking to thousands of Christians who came to pray with him at his rural homestead in Hwedza following his discharge from hospital in South Africa where he was getting medical treatment, the Retired General said:

“There are others who are now calling themselves prophets. Aripo uyo anonzi ani, Talent (Muzuva). That should come to an end today. Zvatoperera pano. We don’t have that culture where one moves around attacking leaders under the guise of preaching the word of God. God does not say move around attacking other people.

“We want people to go to church and pray to God. This habit of using the name of the church to extort money is not good. How can you say that on the one hand you are practising Satanism and on the other you say you are a prophet, what kind of a prophecy is that? It’s not good and we don’t want that.

“Tiri kutaura ini madziChiwenga kuno uku. Tiri kutaura padzinza. Vamwewo vakateerera kuti kuno ndokwazviri. Isu tinorova. So that should end and work towards building the Zimbabwe we want. The Zimbabwe we want is the one we explained that it is endowed with vast minerals. God has blessed us with good soil and we should utilise it to develop our country.”

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