Prophet Madungwe Clears Air on Controversies Trailing Him: I Wrestled God, But Not the Batista Style

With every headline, the prophet has been called all sort of names and some have even gone to the sheers of calling for his psychiatric examination, insinuating that he is unhinged.

Prophet Madungwe Defends Pastor Lukau’s Resurrection Miracle, But Says He Did Not See Elliot In Heaven!
Prophet Madungwe

All kinds of demeaning terms and brickbats have been lobbed at the founder of Remnant Desire of All Nations Ministries, Prophet Talent Madungwe since he emerged on a national level several years ago.


A tricenarian cleric of “great controversy” (so they say) and a sprout of the AFM Church, the young man has been covered essentially by every tabloid in the country and even attracted press from beyond the borders.

Just to hint you, dear reader, he has not been articled for preaching, healing, performing miracles or any other newsworthy stuff happening in most contemporary evangelical churches.

His is for unseasoned and mind-boggling oracles and, seemingly surreal testimonies and disclosures that elude both logic and ecclesiastical level-headedness.

Most of the fuss, to a greater extent, seems to be grounded from the titles he gives himself. He is a self-proclaimed prophet, deputy heavenly army Commander, World President, God’s Advisor and a heavenly doctor on earth.

A Google search of his name will show you dozens of bizarre stories in the history of humanity: Sex is a mistake – Madungwe; Prophet Madungwe who went to heaven, had birthday party with God and arrested Satan, at it again; WTF? Madungwe Says Mboro Killed The Wrong Satan & Jesus Is Preaching in Hell; “I wrestled with God and defeated him” – Prophet Madungwe; Prophet Madungwe – We Arrested satan the whole of July & I am God’s army Spokesperson; I’m not mad: Prophet Mudungwe. 

With every headline, the prophet has been called all sort of names and some have even gone to the sheers of calling for his psychiatric examination, insinuating that he is unhinged.

But he is unfazed by all these dismissals and he sticks to his word.

So, in a tender to understand his story out, we sat down with him and we were delighted to get to talk with him. We tackled everything from the controversies to his private life. Never have we heard anything like this.

Perhaps the highlight of the interview was when he said he did not get his theological education on earth but in heaven.

“I was trained with God… In AFM I never being trained a pastor anything. I was trained in heaven where I graduated in 2017 in January. I entered into the Heavenly Spiritual college that’s where I was trained my bible school,  not on earth, I was not trained by human being. I was trained by God and the angelics, “(sic) he said. 

The prophet also debunked reports by a South African medium that he beat up God in a heaven wrestling match and won using Batista bomb.

“I ducked the suplex, and then lifted him up and delivered a Batista Bomb. I lay on top of him and one of the angles counted to three. God regained his consciousness much later. He apologised then blessed me. God then prayed for me for over 30 minutes,” Madungwe said, according to the outlet report.

And, another thing that we learn from the interview is that the existing Twitter account by his name(@MadungweProphet) is a parody account.

You can watch part of the interview on our facebook page below:

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