And Then Prophet Madungwe Reveals Zimbabwe’s 2018 Elections Winner…

On Monday, July 30 Zimbabweans went to a general election where they elected the people who will serve their interests for the next five years.

And Then Prophet Madungwe Reveals Zimbabwe's 2018 Elections Winner!

Opposition parties challenging the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa of the long-ruling Zanu-PF party are bound to lose 2018 harmonised elections as the veteran leader has been singled out by the Spirit to lead the country, Harare-based controversial prophet and Exile Desire of All Nations Ministries founder, Prophet Madungwe has revealed.


Madungwe, who is renowned for his ethereal prophecies that include going to heaven, having a birthday party with God and advising him, and arresting Satan, took it to Twitter at 6:11 am on the 29th of July, just a day before the election, saying that the Spirit has provided him with the much-awaited results of the election.

According to the tweet, President Mnangagwa will score 52%, while his popular contester and MDC Alliance candidate Advocate and Pastor Nelson Chamisa who bears a slim margin in opinion surveys will take 44%.

Others candidates will split the remaining 4% among themselves.


The tweet has drawn mixed reactions from fellow tweeps.

Last week Madungwe, who recently made a debut appearance on the starpower network Twitter posted that the people’s votes were not going to resolve this election but it was the Heavenly will that will decide.

‘Your votes will not decide this election but the heavenly will,’ he tweeted.


Madungwe joined other seers who prophesied Mnangagwa’s triumph in the election.

One hugely popular church, Johane Marange Apostolic Church in the Marange district, recently foretold victory for Mr Mnangagwa. The church draws a crowd of about 250,000, including Mr Mnangagwa himself who wore flowing white garments when he attended the church annual festival this month.

The Johane Marange Apostolic Church not only prophesied that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 polls was certain, but that his victory was “guaranteed”.

However, Madungwe et al’s prediction or rather’s spiritual prognosis has already been belied by Mr Chamisa’s tweet earlier this morning in which he claimed he was ‘winning resoundingly’.

He said:

“Winning resoundingly…We now have results from the majority of the over 10 000 polling stations. We’ve done exceedingly well. Awaiting ZEC to perform their constitutional duty to officially announce the people’s election results and we are ready to form the next gvt.” 


In a related manner, Mr Mnangagwa also tweeted, saying he is delighted by the citizen engagement and that his representatives informed him that things were ‘extremely positive’.

“Good morning Zimbabwe. I am delighted by the high turnout and citizen engagement so far. The information from our reps on the ground is extremely positive! Waiting patiently for official results as per the constitution,” he posted.


In a press conference this morning Zimbabwe’s Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it expects to commence announcing election results from 15:00 on Tuesday.

Commission Chief Justice Priscilla Chigumba says most of the nearly 11 000 polling stations have completed vote-counting and that a verification process is underway.

She says “the atmosphere has remained peaceful” across the country and that she has received no major complaints about how Monday’s election was conducted.

Chigumba says the electoral commission has five days to release the final tally and expects to do so within that time period.

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