#DailyDevotion: Love, Marriage and Communications

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I speak more to husbands and men today although the message has its various applications.

Growing up in many strong-cultured societies, many men have, from a young age, learnt to be expressionless regarding matters of the heart. Even some women that have been so hurt and broken in times past have adopted a closed-off approach to love and marriage.

I do not know how many times I have been told, especially before getting married, that a real man does not tell his wife everything. Those around you may tell you not to share all your plans with your wife.

That it is a sign of weakness.

Some years back, I read, cover to cover, of the greatest love story. 66 Books being a husbands gift to his Church or bride, and all He spoke of was his thoughts and intentions for his bride. He gave us deep insights into his heart, yet still, we are that submissive wife under him.

Beloved, love and marriage call for a strong foundation of communication. If God can let his Church in on what he is thinking and how he feels about various things, who are you to say your strategy of marriage is otherwise?

And so I declare as I stand in apostolic oil, yours is a marriage that will not only have love but communicated love!

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