#DailyDevotion: The Battle Secret of Victory

Your Daily Devotion with Pastor Ray

#DailyDevotion: The Battle Secret of Victory
Johann Walter Bantz Image : Unsplash

In Matthew 26:46, Jesus declares to his disciples,


“Rise, let us be going: behold, he is at hand that doth betray me.”

In the above, we see how that Jesus knew that Judas- the one that was to betray him, was coming. This is fascinating to note; he knew it and yet awoke the disciples so that they could face the very same thing he had previously travailed in prayer about. The same affliction he desired to be removed from him, was the same that he boldly rose up to face.

Every man born of a woman has challenges and personal struggles he goes through. This story shows us two sides of the battle. Many times in the Bible Jesus walk in victory and overcome all manner of trials. But in this particular battle, we see the battle secret of victory. It is the model of the believer after Christ, to seek spiritual victory over a matter, even before the physical begins to engage us. The confidence of Christ to go and meet his betrayer, came from the fact that he was letting the victory he had gained in the spirit play out.

It is therefore my prayer for you today, that whatever you have failed at in times past, as you begin to take the battle into the domain of the spirit, may the Lord grant you unquestionable victory!