What will become of Apostle Makananisa and Prophet Bushiri’s Feud? 


What will become of the Apostle Makananisa and Prophet Bushiri Feud? 
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Many ardent followers of the media have probably heard of the subliminal exchanges between two South African clerics Apostle J.B Makananisa of Charis Missionary Church and Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.


Testimonies and counter testimonies have been aired on live broadcasts and on social media with targets to assassinate each other’s character.

Upping the stakes was the entry of Prophet Uebert Angel who recently took to the pulpit to add fuel to this flame.

Now Apostle Makananisa’s wife, Dr Pastor Eunice has declared all-out war “we won’t take this laying down,’ she says.

There are widespread accusations of sexual abuse allegations and faking of prophecies from one side whilst the other side has mocked and made fun of the Apostle calling him “old” and mocking his church as being small with only two-hundred congregants.

Further allegations have been levelled against the Makananisa church stating that he manipulated the turncoat prophets such as the Zimbabwean Prophet Rodds and Ntemba who have been arrayed before ECG Church to testify against the Apostle.

The million-dollar question is how does all this benefit the body of Christ? Is this not a further strategy to intimidate the abused because what interesting in this whole debacle is that at the core of this is the issue of abused girls.

Many will say these are false allegations but the #TouchMeNot Movement is taking a keen interest in this battle between Bushiri and Makananisa. There will be a lot exposed and it will not end pleasantly for the feuding sides, but the hope is a lot of the women allegedly caught up in the sexual abuse will be freed by whatever outcome of this war.

Something will give in this no-holds-barred battle between the David and Goliath church battle.

We doubt you are oblivious to the numerous allegations levelled against some ‘men of God’ for certain illicit acts like rape, fraud, drug trafficking, infidelity and so forth. Some of these are men who have portrayed some healing, deliverance and other gifts. It, therefore, begs the question, ‘are these genuine ‘men of God’ with genuine gifts?’.

Anyway, that’s is not up for discourse. The fulcrum of this is, whatever this feather-rubbing exercise they are entrenched in, what will become of it? Sadly what all this clash of personalities does is make a mockery of Christian worship.

If it is an argument we suggest that let it be conducted by the highest representatives of churches before it becomes something fatal. And to the Angels and Rodds who seem to be invested in this divisive feud, please desist. It is the last thing expected of you.

Resource: OCRadio (edited)