Christian Nightclubs Are Fast Taking Over the World!


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New phenomenon alert! Christian nightclubs are springing up all across the world. Apparently, some Christians feel left out of the fun that our secular friends are having and are contemplating opening pious nightclubs.


Many conventional Christians are wondering where the idea even came from. Like are the new age Christians feeling too bored these days that they have to imitate the world’s form of entertainment to keep busy?

Well, we would love to believe that the idea came from a well-intentioned heart. God is placing desires in the hearts of His people—desires to transform the lives of the unsaved through yet another transformation, that of a traditional club.

These new Christian Nightclubs, as they are coined, are for those who want the secular nightclub scene, but without the drinking and solicitations for sex and offers a fun atmosphere where believers and nonbelievers can have a good time.

This phenomenon, although appearing to be news in this side of the hemisphere now, goes over three decades ago.

One of the popular Christian Nightclub to be documented is Club 3 Degrees, a branch under 3 Degrees Ministries which was founded in 1989. The club which is located in Minnesota, US is believed to be the largest Christian nightclub in the world.

The club has hosted prominent artists in the Christian music industry, such as Project 86Family Force 5Children 18:3Kirk FranklinHead, Lecrae, and others.

After Club 3, prototypical clubs started springing forth for the better part of the millennial. There arose The SaintuaryClub for JesusChristian’s Delight, and now there are just so much of them across the world.

In an interview with Christian Post, Club for Jesus owner Yolanda Darby said she was inspired to open the club when she discovered the need for an alternative place to go dance or party without drinking and picked up.

She said:

“Traditional churches end up stifling people. Ninety-nine percent of church people are the ones who patronise secular clubs. We feel that the churches, somewhat, in some cases, are putting people back in slavery.”

She argued that salvation is not slavery, rather it’s freedom with boundaries. Bryan Garland, an elected youth leader also shared the same sentiments when he said:

“The church is supposed to be for sinners needing salvation, not for sinners who are claiming they are saved and denying salvation…Club for Jesus is God’s ram in a bush, a ransom for the souls of sinners.”

He also revealed that the word “club” is actually an acronym for “Christ loves unbelievers and believers.“

Commenting on Nicholas Taylor‘s launch of the Christian’s Delight Nightclub Danielle Hall have this to say:

“What an awesome place to fellowship and also to bring unsaved friends so they can enjoy the Lord and the company of the believers and also see they can still have fun and not have to party to get high. The best high is the Lord’s presence after all… this is much needed to reach the younger generation.”

Regardless of how this wave is fast taking over and being advocated by many, it still has tongues wagging. Some prominent voices have posed the question of why nightclubs when we already have a nightclub called ‘All Night Service’ where we sing, pray and fellowship.

Others condone the clubs, however urging the club goers to guard themselves as this might give the devil a leeway to adulterate our way of worship.

Some argue that they are not against them, nay, they are just not enthused about the ‘nightclub’ tag which they are convinced develop a queasiness for something that mirrors the world.

As a response Teresa Frick Sorensen quizzed;

“If ‘nightclub’ was changed to say ‘Christian social centre’ would people feel better about it?”

Share with us, what you think about Christian Nightclubs. Should we also have them in Zimbabwe or Africa?

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