Local Churches Makes Demands To The President


Bishop Magaya: Facebook ZDD Images

Alarmed by reports of rapidly deteriorating human rights cases and the uncertain political climate, the Christian Advocacy Organisation facilitating the Church’s visibility and audibility on matters of governance Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD) issued a strong public statement to President Emmerson Mnangagwa with demands they stated he ought to address quickly.


Addressing members of the media in the capital last week, the  ZDD Executive Director Bishop Ancelimo Magaya urged the incumbent President to respect the rule of the law.

‘We urge the current system to respect the rule law and is any is found guilty they should be dealt with timeously in accordance with the laws of the country,’he said.

The bishop went on to call for the immediate acknowledgement of the Gukurahundi massacre and to bring closure to the disappearances of the likes of the  pro-democracy figurehead, Itai Dzamara who disappeared in 2015, among other matters.

Here is the full list of the demands as they were presented:

  1. Acknowledgement of Gukurahundi issue for the nation to move forward.
  2. Bring closure to the disappearances of the likes of Itai Dzamara and others by ensuring justice.
  3. Apply the law fairly by arresting even the corrupt beyond G40 meaning that if even it means that they are people that are found corrupt even within the current establishment they should be brought to book. I do not understand whether it is a mere coincidence that it is only those people that belonged to the G40 that has been arrested.
  4. Full and open disclosure of the victims of the ‘Restore Legacy’ exercise, particularly those who died regardless of their rank and affiliation.
  5. Quick and immediate implementation of much awaited Electoral Reforms.
  6.  Finally, that ZANU PF and the Army revoke their vow that no one without war credentials can ascend to Presidency.

The Bishop also urged the church to be vigilant and to stay away from over-embracing politicians when they should hold them responsible of their actions.

He said;

‘Ladies and gentlemen as I conclude we would like to urge the church in Zimbabwe most of whose membership is going through prayer and fasting to be vigilant and alert to the dictates of the scripture which teach that true fasting should result in loosening the chains of injustice and untying the cause of the yoke of bondage….Let us desist from giving excessive flattery to politicians when we should hold them account. I thank you.’

Zimbabwe Divine Destiny was formed in 2008, in response to a deteriorating situation of politically motivated violence that saw people maimed, killed and displaced due to political affiliations.

In the process of ministering to the victims of violence, it was glaring to note that the Church at large did not admonish the perpetrators of such evils despite claiming to be custodians of moral values and righteous living.

It became apparent that the church’s aloofness was due to lack of a theological persuasion regarding the role of the church on matters of national governance and economics. Further, church leaders struggled to relate people’s social challenges to governance and policy issues.

The result was the launch of ZDD, with four interventions; Biblical Advocacy Training for Church leaders, Prophetic Declaration Services, Peace Promotion Centers and the Christian Indaba on Governance and National Development. 

You can watch the recorded video of the press conference here.

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