Grace Mugabe Expected To Attend Ezekiel Guti Jnr’s Funeral This Weekend


Grace, Bona & Eunor Guti: Zimbabwe News

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe who has not been seen in public since the fall of her husband Robert in November last year is expected to attend the funeral of Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior, son of the founder of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA Forward in Faith) church, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti.


Evangelist Guti Jr (35) died in South Africa where he was battling for his life in intensive care unit (ICU) after he nearly drowned in a swimming pool on Christmas Day while on holiday with his family.

Grace possibly attending the Guti funeral remains to be seen, but if past events between the two families are a prologue it is likely that ‘the former chicken seller who turned the first lady’ will definitely be there.

Their relationship is believed to centre on the ZAOGA church in which Grace attended while her hubby Robert Mugabe is a devout Catholic. The Guti family played a key role in the marriage of Bona Mugabe and Simba Chikore who is a member of their church.

In October 2013, soon after Bona’s marriage, Grace was quoted saying,

“Way back, I asked my daughter whether she had a boyfriend since she was growing up the same way I did, a shy person and reserved, and she said there was someone.

I called (Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa, ZAOGA, pastor) Mai Eunah Guti to ask about the boyfriend and her response was – “if that boy becomes your son-in-law, you will be delighted.”

Grace also spoke to Archbishop  Ezekiel Guti:

“I also spoke to Baba Ezekiel Guti, and he again echoed the same sentiments. They (Bona and Simba) developed a relationship and I told my daughter I am going to bring you up the traditional way.

Do not ever let that boy touch your br_east or your body you must have the honour to get married when you are still a vir_gin. She has listened to me and I spoke to Simba and I told him that I want my daughter to get married when she is still a vir_gin and he respects that.”

Grace likens Zaoga founder Guti to Mugabe. Turning to Zaoga leader Ezekiel Guti, Grace said he was in many ways with her husband, Robert Mugabe. She said.

“When I look at you every time, you remind me of my husband. You are such a neat person, very well presented and a very meticulous person and you always glow, you glow because of the thoughts you carry in your heart.” 

It is not clear whether Bona, Simba, and grandson Simbarashe who left for Malaysia last year will attend the burial. In other news, the young family is said to be expecting a second child.


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