Pastor Evan Mawarire’s Prayer The Day Mugabe Resigned

Picture from Facebook

On Tuesday, hundreds if not more, the Zimbabwean Christian community were gathered around Africa Unity Square at an event organized by the Pastor Evan Mawarire, the United Citizen Alliance and Citizen Manifesto dubbed The Big Bye to Mugabe.


It was the day that the presidential impeachment was set to begin in the parliament, and ultimately, it also became the day that the thirty-seven years serving President of Zimbabwe Robert G. Mugabe resigned.

On the same as people waited for the parliamentary motion to be heard Pastor Evan prayed a unique prayer of love, unity and humility among the people.  Here is the full prayer as translated into English.


My father who resides in Heaven, you’re the God of love,

The bible says that God is love

And today father we want to profess love for the mission of Zimbabwe

Father, we love this country, we love this country indeed!

Behold our nation was now a humiliation Oh, father

Our country was a shame and we were embarrassed by it

But today we declare that we love Zimbabwe

Even if it is hard, rotten, fallen, or whichever direction it goes,

God, You love Zimbabwe 

And we also love it regardless

Father, we proclaim our love for each other here as Zimbabweans 

The black, the white, the Indians,

The coloreds, no matter who we are we love each other

Because we are Zimbabweans

We refused to be made to be …. because of political ideas

We denounce fighting because we hold different political views

We denounce fighting God because we speak different languages

Whether I’m from Matabeleland, Mashonaland,

Manicaland, Masvingo, or Midlands

My God, we declare that we are one

And we are Zimbabweans

And so today My God let your love reign supreme in the nation of Zimbabwe

I thank you, my God, for raising up a new crop of young leaders

Who love Zimbabwe

Young leaders who love their country

Strengthen us this afternoon 

Do us good 

Bless our nation and thank you for a new season

We thank you father for the new season

The season of development

The season of joy

And the season of unity. 


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