Could TB Joshua’s Prophecy Possibly Be About Zimbabwe?

Image Credit: Bella Naija

Nigerian Pastor, televangelist and leader and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua, in an address to his followers at his Scoan church last Sunday predicted turmoil and civil war in an unnamed Southern African country.


He said God had shown him that there were plans in the unnamed country to either kidnap or kill the President, Deputy President or the First Lady of that country.

“Their (military) interest is to get rid of a President there, they will not tire, but their aim is to get rid of a President in that region in Southern Africa. I said it in January that a President will be kidnapped, Southern Africa people will remember if they are not going to misquote me, this time… I am saying a military, they are interested in embarrassing a President, that they kill him or kidnap him,”

TB Joshua said at his service last Sunday.

The prophet added,

“They are still on in that plan to kidnap either President or Vice-President of that nation or First Lady of that nation.”

The prophecy, whoever it’s target was, has aroused so many responses from the general members of the public and the media. One specific Zimbabwean media outlet last Monday related the latest political developments that’s been happening in the country to the prophecy, leading many people to believe that perhaps what the man of cloth said concern them.

However, a twitter account believed to be TB Joshua’s was quick to call the interpretation bluff and the article in question ‘misleading.’ The tweet reads,

It is still a mystery to be unraveled which Southern African country’s statesmen the televangelist was talking about some of the countries in the region has been experiencing civil unrest. And concerning most of his prophecy, whether fulfilled or unfulfilled, TB Joshua has never been specific about names and places, which often leaves his audience to do wild guesses.

Watch the video below as TB Joshua makes the fateful prediction.