My Prophet Is My Profit

The Bible declares, in the latter portion of 2 Chronicles 20:20,


 “…Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

From time immemorial I have seen, even throughout the pages of the Bible, how that God has used the ministry of a Prophet to deliver his people into their divine destiny. Three years ago I met a man sent of the Lord who spoke the mind of God concerning my life; and how that three years from then I would have my own ministry. Outside of remaining in the prophetic condition of prayer, fasting and studying the word, I did nothing that could manipulate this prophecy to come to pass. God himself raised up Destiny-helpers that began to open doors for me, and still I see it’s fulfilment daily.

I say this all to declare to somebody that has been discouraged in the name of the prophetic, that there is a remnant in the City; and God is in a season of sanitizing the prophetic ministry. Counterfeit bills have always been in circulation in the midst of the world’s economy, yet there was never a day that world powers decided to dispose of the real money because of the false. The fact that there is a false in itself, is testimony that we believe it is a counterfeit of something genuine. Under the title Prophet, this morning, I speak of the spiritual man God has given you to declare the mind of God concerning your life. Receive your Man of God as a Prophet in your own life, whenever the word of God or the scripture is given voice through God’s chosen vessel, it becomes prophecy.

And so I declare, under the prophetic grace upon my life this morning, may the Lord bring you into your wealthy place of divine fulfilment and purpose. I speak to your environment and declare that favour will pursue you, to bring to pass the will and agenda of heaven in your life. And if you believe it, let heaven hear you declare, 

“my Prophet is my profit!”