Make Bible Study Fun for your Children

Bible study for me, growing up in my home, was pretty much saying grace at the table and praying before we retired for the day. I never knew intense Bible study as I finally learnt when I started attending Sabbath school classes.


It was then I learnt that parents didn’t have to wait for Saturday/Sunday to teach their children about the Bible. It is something that can be done at home also.

S maybe you want to incorporate Bible study for your children at home, here are a few pointers on how to go about it.

Be excited about it because you want to get your children interested in this activity. Showing interest and excitement automatically makes them yearn to know what made you feel that way and want to feel it too.

As human beings, no matter what age, we want to know where things come from. I remember my mother explaining to me that the word in the Bible came from God; I wanted to know where God came from. Of course, I never got the answer to that.

It is important that you explain to them where the Bible came from, who inspired it and when it was written. Explaining to my nephew that the Bible is quite old he asked me if it was written during the Ice Age when mammoths still existed. His eyes lit up when I told him “…not really, but they didn’t have television or electricity then”

Teaching him how to use it was a bit of a challenge though, so I had to help him memorize the books first. Yes, all 66 of them. You could incorporate a game of memory. You’d be surprised to know that some kids remember them by order.

There are many stories in the Bible, plenty good ones too. Find out what excites them, look for a story in the Bible that relates to that and read it out to them, this way the Bible becomes, if not their favorite book, then at least one of their favorites.

If things get too plain you could tell everyday stories that relate to the lesson, and look for a story in the Bible that is similar or has similarities and act it out. Acting out Bible stories makes things more interesting and helps them remember these stories and grasp their morals faster.

My first concern when I am invited anywhere is comfort, then food. Same goes with children I’d like to suppose. It is wise to make sure they are comfortable; get mats to sit on or bean bags/couches and snacks. It is easier to concentrate on a full stomach and everything is a tad bit more interesting when you’re comfortable.

Stop waiting for Sunday school and introduce the Bible to your child at home.