Apostle B Java in A Trio Book Launch

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The past few weeks have demonstrated that modern technology allows many of us to adapt to extraordinary situations like lockdowns whilst keeping our daily routines relatively unchanged.

Apostle Batsirai Java who recently completed authoring three books launched all three online last Wednesday (30th March 2021) via a virtual platform.

The team behind the trio book launch that saw the three titles; This Kind, The Mystery of Dreams and Interpretations, and African Religion: A Blessing or A Curse? virtually launched, pushed the envelope and put together an online event, not for one but three books all in one go.

The very lively and energetic Keith Mawoyo who hosted the online affair allowed for an interactive session which worked well. Of course, in normal times (minus coronavirus restrictions) it would be recommended that an event as big as a trio book launch be a physical event, but desperate times call for creative measures. The silver lining here was that Mawoyo made the digital launch more interesting because he is a great host.

The virtual book launch had several distinct advantages over a traditional one in that the live-stream session allowed for Apostle Java’s fans from across the globe to access this live event.

Of course, with everything that’s going on, some authors may feel that their book(s) should take a back seat for the time being, but that was not the case with the team behind Apostle B Java. They took the decision to move forward with the trio book launch embracing the available technology and platforms as opposed to simply postpone the launch until things go back to normal.

The three books are available on Amazon and kindle as soft copies and hard copies.

About the Books

African Religion A Blessing or A Curse

This book confronts and exposes an organised, demonic and regimented system that has been in operation for centuries. It reveals the origins of a clandestine system of worship that has been cleverly disguised in a bid to ruin African lives and destroy African destinies. This book offers spiritual intelligence that, if adhered to can result in the restoration and redemption of the African Continent. The question of wether African traditional religion is a blessing or a curse is answered. Apostle B Java lifts a heavy curtain of dust to reveal a history behind a history. He connects the dots of the secret origins of African religion in a simple yet foolproof way to unveil the spiritual mystery of African religion, leaving you convinced of who the God of Africa truly is.

Get the book here.

This Kind

Life can be daunting and without the correct tools, you can remain in situations that stifle your joy and your growth. Often these types of circumstances can only be brought to their knees through prayer and fasting. In ‘This Kind’, Apostle B. Java explains not only the importance of building yourself up in the most holy faith through prayer and fasting but the benefits that come as a result of engaging in these two spiritual disciplines. This book teaches: -•The Dynamics of Fasting•The Three Gates of Hell •The Five Fundamental Areas of Prayer •How to•A- sk•S- eek•K- nock in prayerDrawing from his personal lifestyle of prayer and fasting, Apostle B. Java reveals how these two disciplines are powerful weapons that can conquer stubborn situations in your life as well as how prayer and fasting not only draw you closer to God but enable your life to become a powerful magnet for the blessings of God!

Get the book here.

The Mysteries of Dreams and Interpretations

For centuries dreams have been mysteries that mankind could not solve. This book provides profound insight into unique secrets to unlocking the mysterious world of dreams. Apostle B Java is anointed to understand and interpret dreams. Based in a lifetime of experience, Apostle B Java presents his unique signature skill-set of understanding dreams. His method will leave you shell shocked at the disarming simplicity and yet great depth with which he decided dreams. In this chronicle, the unholy matrimony caused by sexual dreams with spiritual husbands and spiritual wives is exposed! You will know their origin and their modus operandi. The Mystery of Dreams & Interpretations is both a matchless teaching tool and an exceptional guide that gives you the skills you need to understand and interpret your dreams.

Get the book here.

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