The Gospel of Insensitivity

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Many shall call upon my name saying ‘we knew you’ but I will say ‘i knew you not”…

And the love of many shall grow cold…

You will never meet a meaner group of people than the ones who dress up one day a week to congregate for fellowship. You will never experience more judgment than at their hands, the same hands they raise week after week, year after year, in a tear-jerking encounter with divinity. And if you are not careful, you will want nothing to do with God if you you use the behaviour of church folk as a metric for His person. Nothing in this world fails to represent God more than the people who claim to know and commune with him on a “regular” basis.

For people that claim to worship a God of love, Christians have become so entangled in all the wrong nitty-gritty. Whether it be absolution from sin, strict adherence to the law, a regular regimen of fasting and prayer and just the right amount of church attendance. None of these things take the place or surpasses the greatest mantra and purpose of the sage who founded this movement….for God so loved.

Maybe it’s just an agitated me up at 1 am simply venting and assuming a dictatorial position in views. After all, my rather confusing journey with God which has had more makeups and breakups than an “A” list couple’s relationship has led me to the conclusion that everyone has a personal philosophy for their life and how they assimilate and apply the Biblical principles.

Still, I believe everything has a core, and the rest is simply a by-product. The core isn’t in how much you avoid sin, how many commandments you obeyed that year, how many Hail Mary’s you’ve said, how many service groups you are in or how much fun you’ve deprived yourself of having. Sure you can spend life obsessing over all those concepts and build a house of cards which you spend the rest of your life trying to maintain (please note this is the path of all miserable Christians), or you can simply use the cheat code and still get winning points, anyway. The Bible is full of cheaters, in fact, every person of notable interest in the Bible was a cheat.

They didn’t get it all right, and God still found them to be outstanding. He didn’t condone their flaws, but neither did He dwell on them. He accepted their imperfections because He knew their service didn’t just end with themselves but extended to others. He wasn’t strict with them because He recognised their maturity. They had more than just the byproducts going for them, they had the core and because they did, he knew he didn’t need to make sure they stuck to the byproducts because their faith their beliefs were more authentic. It’s kind of like how you lessen the rules for an adolescent than you do for a teen. You know the adolescent is more aware of their life goals and the consequences of their every decision (or so we’d like to think but you get the point).

I don’t have all the answers but sometimes I think God just blesses and favours people who are kind because their lives impact many others. What he may punish one person severely for, he’ll let another get away with barely scathed.

David killed and had many women, Abraham was into incest and polygamy, Jacob lied and thieved, Joseph bragged, Rahab whored, Ruth never stuck around and the list goes on.

Joel Osteen says that we are never more like God than when we are helping others. Yet Sunday after Sunday we leave the church in our finest attire and pass by street kids and beggars, with palms held out in a cry for help, our faces held in frowns. We drive our fancy cars after church, blasting gospel hits leaving behind fellow church folk with no convenient transport. It’s such a shame. No wonder Christ says He will deny us. We are disturbingly insensitive and callous.

I’ll conclude with a story. About a man who wasn’t considered good enough to worship in God’s house who helped out a stranger who has been beaten and robbed and denied help by the self-proclaimed brethren themselves. Had this man been a modern-day Christian, there would be no story of a good Samaritan to tell.

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Valerie Tendai Chatindo

Valerie Tendai Chatindo

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