Spiritually Sexual

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“Wait! Did she just say that?”

Yes, I did.

Spiritually sexual.

And no I’m not talking about the ancient practices of communing with God through coitus or spiritual husband/wife encounters. Or dirty deeds done by men of cloth and ho*s in motherly church uniforms. Or even midnight orgies that are the highlight of entertainment for witches (in case you wondered what all the rave was all about).

But no.

I’m talking about breaking the belief that real godly Christians don’t have premarital sex or should I say, fornicate, the word that every Christan who’s doing it hates to hear. Guess what, you’re a fornicator. But hey here’s the thing…so what.

Now I’m no fountain of all-knowing wisdom but even I know that times have changed and with it has come the evolution of Christianity. Yes I know, God is the same yesterday, today and forever, I know that very well because I actually do study my Bible. But before the God who killed with fire and brimstone at the beginning of the storybook is seen sending a Saviour for the absolution of sin later on. The same God who ordered the cleansing of lands consecrated for the Israelites by way of mass murder later adopts those Gentiles.

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I’m not saying God is inconsistent. I believe He is not. Not in the way most people believe He is. To me, God is consistent in His intentions and that intention has not only to convey love but to create people that could somehow fathom who He is and actually have a relationship with him.

He gave us a guideline of laws to better understand who he is and help us avoid many pains and unnecessary drama in life but he never asked us to stop reasoning for ourselves. Sadly most Christians are mindless: mindless about life, relationships, people and success. We stopped thinking after Revelations. Yet God is still speaking and trying to get to know us and our personal views and unique personalities.

To get to my point really, I believe that people can make their own sexual choices. Most Christians, in my opinion, only rush into marriages because they want to get laid without feeling guilty and I don’t believe wanting to get laid is a good reason to get married. Sure, holding out your cookie provides great motivation for a man to marry you but after that what do you have going for you. Maybe if people had sex more often, their minds would be clearer and they would make decisions more clearly. So what if a guy sleeps with a girl and realises he doesn’t want to marry her? He can still sleep with her and realise he does.

Long story short, I believe it’s ok to have sex and still be very spiritual. Everything doesn’t have to always have to be black or white.

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Valerie Tendai Chatindo

Valerie Tendai Chatindo

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