EXPLAINED | Why Prophets Ask Female Members To Take Off Their Panties During Services 

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The main reason is to fulfil his sexual desires by commanding these vulnerable women to submit to him in front of the congregation.

The Papa does this to exhibit a form of control. He is demonstrating to the congregation that he can tell anyone of them to do anything he asks of them…and they MUST obey him without question. [it’s a form of camouflaged witchcraft]

These types of antics are usually a prelude to a private rendezvous [ meeting] between the Papa in the picture below and the woman.

The Papa will keep the white panties, then after a few days he will send one of his deacons to inform the woman that she can go retrieve her panties from the papa because he has finished praying over them.

When she gets to the Papas place…BOOM💥 She’s consumed [without question]. If she refuses his sexual advances in any way…the Papa will tell her that she has disobeyed “God”.

Simon Mwewa Lane writes here in his personal capacity.

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