Lucifer’s Temptations

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It is not Lucifer’s fault he became what he is today; it is because of the Devil that Lucifer became. He fell victim to the Devil’s temptations and machinations.

I hope the modern-day Lucifers will not fall victim to the Devil’s temptations.

See, I am just thinking to myself if it was me sitting where Lucifer sat before his grand fall and damnation. Then suddenly the Devil sneaks into my room to tempts me in my own form, whispering; “I know I can make it. Who does He trust the most besides me? Thus why He made me what I am, a morning star. But now I have shined too bright to remain a morning star. Even He knows it, but He will not admit it. Everyone here knows it, but they are afraid to say it out loud because they now fear Him. He should hand over power to the next successor or heir, and that is me. I am not saying He will become like the rest of us, but He will acquire the position that I have, which is envied by the rest of the spirits here. Even if I was part of the rest, I would no longer envy what I am but strive for a higher power. Just looking into His mind through His actions, He has deceived Himself that He can last forever in that position. He is so deceived that He does not see the deceit and treason in my praises for Him. I can become Him and He can become me. I do not wish for a bloody coup in a holy space, and at least I am not casting Him out of His own kingdom to go below the heavens after I become Him.”

To which Lucifer would respond; “Come on dude, what if it doesn’t work? What if He vanishes me first from His kingdom like forever? It is the power to exercise authority over His kingdom that I want, not the power to have my own kingdom. I know my existence is what it is because of Him, but in his existence, I am not aware. Who, in their right mind, would want to challenge such? I hope my pride will not deceive me like my praise for Him has deceived Him. Whom amongst His kingdom will agree to be ruled by me? Though some envy me and others praise me, it does not mean they would all want to see me on His throne. And wait, isn’t He the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent one? What if He is already aware of my plans? For my plans are just still thoughts, and he can see through every one of us. I should go tell Him what I am planning to do unto Him and pray that he saves me from my selfish self and the Devil before I do something I will regret for eternity. Tell Him when it is still a plan before it becomes a plot. I need to confess to a sin that I have not committed yet and tell Him that it is the work of the Devil tempting me. If I proceed with my thoughts of usurping power for myself, it will be a war I will lose on the first battle. Then lose it all at once. What more is it that I want which I am not blessed with? Power?”

Leading Lucifer to a gigantic mirror so he would take a look at his handsomeness and just how overall awesome he is, the sneaky Devil will continue; “Have faith in yourself, buddy, just like you have faith in Him. Wait, why the heck do you refer to Him as Him? He is him, not him. He is not He. Then finally it is not His, but his. You are to become you now. Are you doubting yourself now? It will work. Look at how it has worked by you deceiving Him through praise that He could not detect your treachery and treason! Think for a minute of having all that is above and below as yours. He owns you and you owe Him for your existence. Can you not see that He is holding you ransom for that? Do you want to be held for ransom till infinity or whenever that is when you can turn the tables? It is not like you begged Him for your existence. It happened that you existed, but are you willing to keep on existing like this? A potential arsenal for yourself, but here you are, just being potential. Do you not see how those surrounding you not only want to be like you but would want you to be more by being Him, which you are destined for. You are not just a creation for praise. Who is praising you then? You are not even praising yourself. How pitiful! You can do a better job than He has been doing, and He knows it. But then, here is the tragedy, you do not know that you can. With all that you have done for Him besides bringing praise to Him, He has not even given you a promotion or a raise of glory. He has not made you His other son. Wouldn’t you be joyful to become the one who will die on the cross and be glorified? Or you would rather be what you are now, then sing more praises to His son when he is crucified on the cross? Are you willing to become an inherited servant? Do you think you will be glorified enough? Do you think you will get the full credit you deserve or that is due to you? Think long and hard about it, Lucifer! Think lucifer! Open your eyes! Open your mind! You are much greater than what you are made to believe you are, a choir boy, a cheerleader.”

Lucifer would probably bang his head twice or thrice on the mirror to destroy the Devil’s reflection looking back at him, then walk away. Panting and cussing, he would respond: “Do not take heed to the Devil’s temptations. If you fall to his temptations, you would have sinned not only against God but yourself too. For when you accept his offer and realise that it will not be as tempting as he painted it on his guileful canvas, how will you forgive yourself? The Devil is telling you to open your eyes, yes do open them and see beyond his treachery and well-orchestrated deceit. A student is not greater than his or her teacher, you are well versed on that concept, ain’t you? Just like a creation is not greater than its creator. Do you think you can make a greater impact than you are making now? Do you think you can be greater than what you are now? Do you think in all honesty you can be like God? I am not looking down upon you or saying you will never be better, but what I am saying to you is never lie to yourself by believing you can make it without Him. If you do make it without him, just be aware that your empire is built on chaff without a foundation and the slightest of winds will blow it away not bring it down. If it could be brought down the better, you can rebuild it back up, if blown away it has gone away. Lucifer, do you think it is as simple as it is laid out to you by the Devil? What you are being made to believe will not happen overnight, over a decade, over a century or over a millennium. You know you will not live to see a century of your life, if you do, you will see it as you rest in a casket waiting for your eyes to completely shut the lid on the casket. Yet here you are, about to assign yourself on a mission to become what you know is impossible. Mission impossible. Lucifer, open your mind, realise how the Devil is a case study of what you are about to do. The devil has been here for an infinite time and will be, but he will fail. He might convince you he will, in due time, but that is just one of his infinite marketing campaigns. Do you see any chance of him becoming God? If you do not see any chance of him becoming God, then you will not. Lucifer, you might also desire to become like the Devil but you will not. Run to God, Lucifer. Run to God!”

Lucifer, you are for the kingdom, the kingdom is not for you. Would you not rather build your own kingdom than to remain a bootlicking servant who holds vast potential to not only build but usurp. Lucifer, you were created for the due cause and purpose you serve now, many if not all desire to be like you. Be humble and be grateful. Created to be a servant and made to be contempt for that, when I could become the master to God.

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