Rejecting God’s Call

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I believe in a currency of finance, not faith. But there are those who preach this currency of faith who make more finances than I do. I reject to gamble with finances to test the power of my faith.

From an upper-middle-class man to a preacher, how does that make any sense? Does it make any sense to you? From saving and utilizing taxpayers’ money to saving and preserving souls for God, how is that a valuable transition? Matthew went from being a tax collector to being a follower, and you want me to do the same?

Similar predicament but two different people from two different ages here. Matthew was like late iron age and I am here being late digital age. But dear God, of all people, did you really have to call me to do your work as if I am unemployed or do not work hard enough?

God, I am not rejecting your call. All I am saying is your call is more valuable to someone out there other than me. I can direct your call to someone else that I know who really needs it if you would like. What if I accept this call and I end up with a poor congregation of followers whose tithe and offering cannot even feed me till I am full? If they are struggling to feed themselves, how can they feed an upper-middle-class man who is transitioning to lower upper class soon? Point me the logic in that.

I admit, my income was and is from taxpayers’ income. I am sure everyone is aware of how taxes are highly overcharged. So for me, I am highly overpaid. I have more assets than bring an income more than I can manage or spend, but I do need to know that I have more finances in abundance in case the stock market or the economy stumbles. I believe I will be on some strong foothold than others. Hence my argument stands, if I accept this call by God to serve him, then my finances are off to save some poor and irresponsible people’s lives in the disguise of salvation, caring and love.

I believe in a currency of finance, not faith. The preacher lives on taxpayer money in form of tithe or offering that is never enough for his or her own needs. What about the wants then? Then, dear God, you want me to change my life of having all I need and want to gamble on faith and hope of provision that most preachers and believers believe in but never hit the jackpot? I am not rejecting your offer dear God, but I am just too smart not to gamble with my finances and future. It’s not that I do not believe in you, but I do not believe in the outcome of being a saviour at my own cost or crucifixion of finances.

Dear God, I believe in sacrificing for others and putting others first, but let’s be logical, shall we? Listen to my point of logic, putting others first is theoretical, not logical. So is sacrificing for others. Let us also be objective, there are others that are worth sacrificing for and putting first for they bring a return investment by either means of long term or short, but some of your people are a gamble to invest in. They are not even investor-friendly to themselves. They do not even invest in themselves and you want me to take a gamble on an investment that will be overdue, but I should believe in its return because of faith. As I said before, I believe in a currency of finance and not faith.

Is it double the tithe you want God, whereby the tithe is your form of tax. I will gladly double it for you to direct the call to someone else. Should I spend a larger percentage than the one I am spending on orphanages, goodwill and charity? I will increase the percentage of tithe by 2,5 percent then. That is a good deal financially, for taxes have not increased by 2,5%. It will be madness to have such an increase in tax, but here I am willing to do that in terms of tithe and offering.

From a tax collector, a stock market analyst and financial advisor to a preacher, do you not see how that is a plummeting of a status, relevance and attribution? You do know God that is plummeting but I would appreciate if I was a preacher then transition from that to a financial advisor, stock market analyst and a tax collector.

Dear God, I believe in being humble before you. I also believe in being humble and showing humility before your people, but your call here Lord is far from making me humble. This is humiliation. Not humble, but humiliation. Do you really know what your people are going to think and say about me? I cannot lower my status from being a finance and stock market guru to a preacher. I cannot humiliate myself in the name or disguise of being humble.

Dear GOD, let us be reasonable and share common ground, shall we? Let us look at it from this angle. What will I even call the ministry? The only Biblical verses I know by heart are those that deal with finances and tax. Like “ Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, I believe that is a quote in the book of Exodus but not aware of the chapter nor the verse. I went to a tertiary school of finance and economics and not a Bible and Theology School. Do you not see how that quickly disqualifies me from such a qualification? I will not be aware of what I will do and will cause chaos. I will spit in the faces of those who are rightfully qualified for this.

What message will I be communicating about their professions of being preachers and evangelists? That anyone can do what they can do without having been qualified and all they need is to have ‘GOD’s calling’ to do the work is completely undermining other people. What if I call myself to God’s work? I cannot  be an extra burden to the believers who are a burden unto themselves and have a burden of those whom you called to serve you and who called themselves to serve you. The believers will just say, “This tax collector wants more of our taxes, doesn’t he? From taxing us from our salaries to taxing our tithe”. God, you should also appreciate that we do not tax these preachers who are making a business from your call.

Wait! Wait! Accept this call. What if you come out of it wealthier and not rich? You are aware there are preachers who drive cars that cost more than your double-storey house; preachers who have private jets that cost more than the tax you collect; preachers who have businesses on the stock market that you analyse each day.

You were telling God about transitions, weren’t you? Let us talk of this transition from a tax collector/stock market analyst/financial advisor to a preacher. Here is where the gist of the transition is. Using this knowledge of finance and economics that you have, do you not believe you can create a tithing model whereby the believers send in money every day just like they are taxed every day? Look at how some preachers have made an estate of wealth by using Theology and you, sir, come from a finance and economic background. Now think if you fuse the two, what will you create for yourself? Is it not great analysing a stock market that you will own? After all, at tertiary level education, which class of studies is above the other between finance and economics studies and theology? Who feels more ashamed when mentioning their field of study between one in the Finance and Economics field and the other in the Theology?

Banks can run dry on money, but believers will always find a way to tithe to get blessings. So your tithe account will never run dry. Economic and political chaos can swallow your own finances and overload of investments, you know. The economy and the stock market can tumble into the abyss, but do you believe religion and churches will tumble? Now there Mr Finance Advisor, Stock Market Analyst and Tax Collector is a great investment. Investing in a church because it brings in quick return and profit. Who said you need to invest all your money? From the loot that you have, just spend 22% on the believers and get back 222% at the end of the annum.

Maybe God isn’t actually calling you to crucify your finances, but he’s calling you to resurrect your finances where they never faced death. After all, you will not be as vulnerable as most greedy preachers who base their income on believers. So you will not have a cause of hurrying to make a return because you are on a sound footing. Just like your finance and economic background taught you on the patience of a return in investment, it is the same you will need to apply here practically.

Do I accept God’s call for the just of it or for the gain of it? When I was rejecting the call I was rejecting it for the just of it and when I thought of accepting it I was doing so for the gains of it. Just between me and God.

“Dear God, I have enough finances and investments to not go rob your believers who are being robbed by an over high ridiculous tax then come and overcharge themselves on tithes. I am entitled to my free will according to your own word. So I let those who believe in a currency of faith keep on believing in their currency of faith whilst I choose to believe in a currency of finance. I did not reject your call but just rejected to not gamble with finances to test the power of my faith. Amen.”

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