The Sin Of Righteousness

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Dear Me,

How do you consider temptation now? Is temptation a sin when you are merely tempted or it is when you get supped into it?

Seeking righteousness is crucifying you but now you aware that it is not as excruciating as being holy not that you are holy. There you are staggering to live a holy life yet your mind, spirit and heart delight in the sins you should have done, must be doing and probably will not do yet desire to. Containing yourself yet the urge to unleash yourself cannot make you tell whether or not you have indulged in sin.

You are judgemental of other sinners, not because you desire the salvation of sinners, but you envy and lust their sin. If thee with sin shalt cast the stone, you will catapult a pebble the size of a rock. Ask yourself, “how will you know what is right when you are afraid of being wrong?” Tell yourself, “how will you be holy when you have never sinned?” Take a bite of the forbidden fruit, but do not consume it all.

Look at it this way, maybe you will be wrong, not that you would have sinned. There is a big difference between being wrong and sinning. After all, before you are spiritual you are human first then flesh lust in everything that you do. I ask firmly once more,

“How do you consider temptation now? Is temptation a sin when you are merely tempted or it is when you get supped into it?”

Maybe you are disgraced by yourself when you ask for forgiveness, being aware that you have sinned than you being redeemed when you are wrong. Furthermore, what is the value of forgiveness when you are not willing to sin? The consequences of sin can be eradicated through forgiveness. Your faithful attempts to being holy have suffocated you more than they have choked you, yet you have the power to choose to be liberal in sin more than being free in sin. For being liberal in sin is more independent than being freed from sin.

From Me.

Asher Mutandiro is a final year student at The University of Zimbabwe studying Journalism and Media Studies.

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Asher Munashe Mutandiro

Asher Munashe Mutandiro

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