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THERE are people who are blessed by means of African blessings but are in fear of testifying their blessings to fellow Africans who believe in Western beliefs and blessings because they fear being judged by these ‘Western’ Africans. ‘Western’ Africans who want Western blessings in an African context. I sought for African blessings being aware I was about to blessed by those who are cursed.

I stood at the door with nearly all my salary opting to seek African blessings or to purchase them. It was my first time and I was far from confident but in fear to be ‘blessed’, I consulted myself;

“This is how your forefathers did it before the Western blessings came along and it worked far more effectively than the ‘Western’ blessings you have been seeking but unable to find those that completely satisfy you. It is not because you are impatient that you are here, it is because the blessings from the Western world do not work in the world you live in. How could you be told to believe that you do not see? Told to believe to be blessed by that you do not see? Look at the man and woman before you. Look at what is in their hands. Look at those Snakes, Crocodiles, Owls, charms and human skull flowing with blood that never runs dry. Now that is what will work for you. Something more physical not spiritual. Do not be afraid of what you see, be glad by what you shall see. This is AFRICA NOT AMERICA NOR EUROPE.”

A strong background on Western religion was about to be broken the moment I took a seat to be consulted to be ‘blessed’. It did not have to be this way but what another way could it have been if the way I was told to be the truth and the life seemed to be otherwise? I took a pause from purchasing these African blessings and told myself the truth,

“Are you now going against your own beliefs because you have become faint-hearted? What you are now and where you are, has it ever been attributed to this path before? The ‘blessings’ you seek are mere curses to yourself. You are aware of that. How will you sleep at night knowing that you have defiled your own beliefs? You are in fear not to be blessed but to be cursed at your own conscience. What about the hopes and aspirations you had put faith into through your current belief? Are they going to waste because you could not remain steadfast? Your forefathers did it but look at where it got them. These are not blessings but witchcraft. You can call them traditional healers just to soothe your conscience but that there is witchcraft. Witches and Sorcerers. What did Jesus Christ die for on the cross if you the believer is believing in the same principles he was persecuted for. Open your Bible. Do you actually believe your life is going to be enlightened by those who receive powers from the Prince of Darkness?”

Whose truth was this? The Western truth wanted to keep me bounded to its ideology and not grounded to my African roots.

The Traditional Healers both sternly looked me in the eye communicating that it was my turn to receive salvation and repent of my sins;

“Look at the skin tone of the one who was believed to have died on the cross for you. Do not ever believe he was coloured or light-skinned. He had a Western skin tone. No wonder why his ideology came with people from the West. That is why that ideology is no longer working for you. Put your faith in what is for you that can be historically proven not what was made for you to adapt to by means of arms. Why do you think if you open ‘your’ Bible not your Bible but ‘your’ Bible they critic this type of blessings and classify them to be pagan? Do you not see they wanted you to become like them so that they can eradicate your identity. Have you been blinded that you do not see how your fellow ‘Western’ Africans who stand for this gospel can not stand themselves? That when they stand they are on crutches but you do not see it. Do you actually think that they are people who seek these African blessings and fail to prevail? No one fails but they are in fear of testifying because you will judge them by the Western or White man’s religion. You will then become hypocrites and persecute them for what they believe in to be true. You are not here by coincidence but you are here for the truth. If you are in doubt, just give it a test run. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Be multi-dimensional. See how judgemental you have been made to believe that other messengers parallel to yours are agents of witchcraft. Agents of darkness. Yet there you are believing in being non-judgemental but here you are being judgemental. But ironically seeking their advice to save your soul. Now look, you even judge yourself by the wrong measure of justice. You have a right to believe in what you want, yet here you are going against your own right to do what is right for an adapted belief. Adapted by means of arms. The proof is in the pudding as they say. The proof is your adopted Western beliefs failed you. Hence you are here, seeking a solution closer to home. Oh correction, it is not an adopted belief but an adapted belief. That is why you are now finding it hard to relate to and forcing yourself to relate to it. Then convincing yourself you have to remain ‘steadfast’. I hope that you have been steadfast enough to realise you are going nowhere. Hence it is not working out because it was never in you but instilled into you unconsciously. After all, you are here. Get something that is physical that you will see bring your blessings to fruition. Just remember anything the masses put their hopes in does not work. Where is the religious tolerance then if you level other parallel beliefs blessings to be pagan.”

I turned my back and flee away from the house of darkness. In the process of fleeing, I was reciting Biblical memory verses haphazardly in my mind,

“When temptation comes…… Love the Lord your God with… You shall have no other God besides… Have faith in….. The wicked in the ocean of fire …….. I really wanted to be blessed but in which way? I want the blessings from the West in an African context but they seem to take their time to navigate themselves to Africa. Do they even know my geographical location? I was about to be blessed by those who are cursed. But how long do I remain steadfast and patient when those altering for the alternative succeed more than those who hold on to the truth. When faith fails me and that which I do not believe in promises to succeed me. From looking up to the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified for your sins to putting your faith in Owls, Snakes, Crocodiles, ornaments and charms. That is more than backsliding. You are gambling with your soul for African ‘blessings’ that are just a term. What will you do if these ‘blessings’ do not satisfy your life after losing your soul? Have you ever come across a Biblical verse that says, “Do not put to test the LORD your God” or a Biblical verse that says, “Jesus Christ nor God cannot save your soul.” If you have come across the latter Biblical verse, you are about to experience it if you go with this option of adapting and adopting African ‘Blessings’. “Nothing is impossible with God,” they say. Wait till you opt to be blessed by African ‘ Blessings’ and see it is impossible for God to save your soul.”

An African Traditional Healer and messenger is a WITCHDOCTOR who is pagan. An African Western preacher is a …….. PUPPET?

Asher Mutandiro is a final year student at The University of Zimbabwe studying Journalism and Media Studies.

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

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