On Black God

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In our wildest dreams that are influenced by reality, let’s envision that God is black.

Then all black parents could have their children enrolled at elite white-owned private schools so that their children can learn and not be indoctrinated by mass, outdated and pre-ancient education like the education black children are brainwashed within public schools. Or we could have white people bathing with black water in the Ghetto slums.

Maybe if God was black, black people would not compete with one another to have a lifestyle or status that resembles white individuals.

Let’s imagine that GOD was black. Do you think blacks would be ashamed of their poverty when they stand or stood either next to white individuals or black individuals with a white lifestyle?

Let’s say God is black, then we have a small minority of black people dominantly controlling a white economy.

Let’s propose God was black if so I could not be ashamed to face a white person then communicate with them in my native language.

With all odds, facts and truth stacked against us, let us just slightly believe God could be black, then we believe that we could not be ashamed to sit next to a white man in a Roman Catholic Church which is owned by a white Pope.

If God was black, we would have blacks who are proud to be in the Ghetto slums and not feel disadvantaged, neglected nor the blessed inequality of life when they pass through the lush green and sweet incensed white neighbourhoods.

In our silent thoughts, let’s contemplate God is black, then when black people smoke marijuana and take intoxicating drugs the end result is that they become enlightened like the Illuminati.

Maybe if God was black, I would not bleach my skin to look white to be accepted in a black society. Religiously we would have a black Messiah who will be anointed in a black gown, with a dark beard surrounded by black angels with black teeth.

Black would not be a colour of darkness as compared to holy white or white purity. We would have African dreams to live in a cave or hut and not a mansion, hence blacks bathing with milk.

We are blind to the black lies in white weddings. The biggest tragedy is white people believe in white lies and black people deny the African truth to diagnose themselves with white hypocrisy.

God, I am drunk and intoxicated.

Asher Mutandiro is a final year student at The University of Zimbabwe studying Journalism and Media Studies.

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Asher Munashe Mutandiro

Asher Munashe Mutandiro

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