Ministry of Religious Affairs Admonishes Zambians to Stop Splashing Lewd Pictures on Social Media

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The Zambian government has admonished all Zambians to stop splashing lewd pictures revealing acres of sensual flesh on social media platforms, Hallelujah Magazine has learnt.

In a statement issued to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka and seen by this publication, the Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, who is also the founder of Jesus Cares Ministries, Reverend Godfridah Sumaili expressed concerns over the growing trend of using semi-nude women in advertising products and services, saying it is degrading the country’s values and principles.

The cleric and government official said she has been receiving several complaints from members of the public who have appealed to her office to curtail the habit.

She has indicated that the government expects all citizens to conduct themselves and their businesses in line with its national values and principles, which put a premium on morality and ethics, human dignity as well as patriotism.

“Zambia has set for herself through the constitution national values and principles to guide people in the manner they should conduct themselves, whether in private or business setups and Zambia being a Christian nation, has Christian values to be respected,” she charged.

The Minister has noted that influence in society should be about positively imparting the public and not violating people’s rights all in the name of advertising and enjoying one’s rights.

She has since counselled product promoters, social media influencers and sponsors of products and services, among other groups to be mindful of the cultures they operate in.

Rev. Sumaili has urged every Zambian to adhere to the set national values and principles as they conduct their businesses and personal life especially on social media platforms or the law will be applied to them.

“I therefore wish to guide the nation to respect our national, Christian and cultural values and principles on which we anchor our identity and existence. Women and men who are in the habit of indecently exposing themselves to stop or face the wrath of the law,” the Minister warned.

The warning comes after Zambian media personality Mutale Mwanza’s announcement that she was Zambia’s Brand Ambassador for Bio-oil. In the attached advert, the model shows a tiny bottle of bio-oil surrounded by a lot of nakedness and an oversized bra.

While some social media users applauded the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs for policing morality, others sternly criticised Rev. Sumaili for turning a blind eye on matters of great importance while focusing on minors.

In an open letter entitled “Religious Minister Serving No Purpose“, one Patrick Sikana wrote:

“Stop this virtue-signaling and get serious. There are enough moral issues to address in Zambia than the frenzy of click-baiting socialites wanting to bask their nudes in the shingle of social media.

Nobody wants to see or hear their leader playing the wag when people are dying from poverty and you have a cabinet feeding from a table of corruption.

The next time you guide the nation, we want to see gravity that reflects the reality. Until then, my guess is that many citizens would rather endure nude photos, than take a government that is hiding gassers seriously.”

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