The Undoing of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure

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IT’s almost been a week since celebrity business tycoon and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure died in a tragic car crash with three other passengers, Limumba Karim, Alicia Adams and Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli on Sunday morning. Ginimbi died on the spot along Liberation Legacy Way in Harare when his Rolls Royce collided head-on with a Honda Fit, veering off the road and hit a tree before catching fire. How unfortunate!

Since then more than half of the Zimbabwean populations have elected themselves as analysts on not only this man’s life but the probable causes of his death. I’d like to report that none of these individuals has received any compensation for their brief occupation, but who knows maybe the jury is still out on that (I wish them the best of luck).

For a brief period, it seems the entire world has stopped going about their business. People have poked their noses into the life of someone who didn’t even know their last names, although many are claiming to have known Ginimbi personally.

I mean, how else would we know about the talking serpent that appeared at the moment of his death or the juju he took which allocated him six good years of fun and flash? Or even the fact that he neglected to take care of his poor father who we have no prior information on what kind of father he was?

No! Our job is to buy into what we see at surface level and pretend to know the history of a person based on that. In all honesty, social media has never been so depressing and pathetic on the Zimbo scene as it has been lately.

From the haters to the finger-pointing extremist Christians, it’s amazing how much hate a single man can attract for just having money, and enjoy it for that matter.

In Zimbabwe, that is an unforgivable crime. You can’t be rich and happy too, right? You can’t have a cake shaped like the female anatomy and cut the middle, right? When did it become a crime or sex hint to cut confectionary? I mean, if the cake was a man cake I know what is being cut.

Personally, I believe that the only way people comfort themselves over their own failures and mediocrity is to create rumours about someone else or accuse anyone who has risen above the norm of having a money vomiting snake or goblin.

It’s unthinkable to believe you can actually use your brain and hands. Unthinkable!

And so the prudes will sleep a little better as their ignorant minds believe that a so-called Satanist like Ginimbi is burning in all at this moment. I believe these are the people who Jesus said would be “weeping and gnashing their teeth in heaven”. I mean, how else can you survive seeing all the people you sentenced to hell actually residing in heaven? What a pity!

I’ll close off by quoting a statement by Prophet Talent Madungwe, founder of Remnant Desire of All Nations Ministries.

“Ginimbi na Moana vari mu remand kudenga….Parizvino vagere havo asi Moana ndiye arikungoti dai zvaigona ndisina kumbosangana na Genius”

What a joke this is! Like some people just don’t know when and where to stop. It’s one thing to claim to have BBQ with God at the Harare Kopje and arrest Satan, this, now this is a totally different thing.

By the way, an elderly woman, Fatima Chikowore, who says she was Ginimbi’s maid for fifteen years is on record debunking social media claims of juju and sacred rooms.

Watch her address in the video below:

Written by Valerie Tendai Chatindo, She is a biochemist, entrepreneur and writer. She has been published in Enthuse Mag, Hallelujah Mag and in the Kahalari Review. Find her on Twitter @tendy_vchatndo

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Valerie Tendai Chatindo

Valerie Tendai Chatindo

Valerie Tendai Chatindo is a biochemist, entrepreneur and a digital storyteller. Follow her at tendy_vchatndo

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