So What… Does it Even Matter if Jesus Was Married?

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RECENTLY, an important discussion came up. Well, truth be told, it’s actually been an ongoing topic of debate and interest in what some label as “dark circles”.

To even entertain the ideas fabricated by members of these circles has been characterised as a taboo. And to write about them? Blasphemy in the worst form, which warrants the pulling out of one’s tongue and a horrific death arranged by the sniper from heaven. (In this rainy season, one does need to even evoke the faculties of their imagination to guess how that can come about).

But seriously, before I even summoned the guts to write about this, I had to enter into a state of intense mediation and dialogue with my divine guide (God) and make sure my motives were purely unselfish. One of my missions on earth has always been to be a voice to someone’s situation and thoughts. Let’s face it: if I’m thinking about it, someone else definitely is. So here we go.

More than a decade ago, the movie to Dan Brown‘s book, The Davinci Code, came out. It horrified most people that this heathenistic man could imply that Jesus, the Son of Man and the pure white lamb, could actually sire spawn. Unthinkable! (Dramatic gasp).

I had never heard of Dan Brown till that year, and my wicked little imagination kept imagining a book with detailed sex scenes. Basically, I wanted to read it and I wanted to read it ASAP. I defiled the Holy Trinity that year in ways I can’t even bear to think about now. Long story short I read the book. And maybe I was a bit disappointed (for different reasons, of course). Intellectually, however?

The Da Vinci Code follows "symbologist" Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris causes them to become involved in a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene having had a child together.
The Da Vinci Code follows “symbologist” Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris cause them to become involved in a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene having had a child together.

I was stimulated and I can honestly say I truly found my faith at that moment. If you cannot have, the things on which you have founded your entire existence and beliefs on, challenged, if they are that fragile as to be threatened by the connotations of something contrary, if they are that uncompromising, then the truth is you are living a lie and are most likely a prude. What is faith if we cannot grow it every day? Without that growth, it is simply doctrine.

It is said that years ago those that were considered pagans were those that worshipped the female form. They believed in goddesses. Diana, Isis to name a few. The female energy was celebrated, it nurtured, and it did not castigate sexuality. One only has to take one look at a woman’s body to appreciate the energy it inspires. God was a woman.

But then the Roman Empire unified their kingdom by introducing one religion. They of course made small adaptations to their doctrine to make this new religion palatable to the pagans. Of course, the pagans had to be “convinced”. And hence the punishment and murder of the deterrents and the massacre of the image of the female form. It was not just enough to force the people into deterring from goddess worship, but women themselves were labelled as evil and conjugal union with them impure. Men were encouraged to practice a life of celibacy to conserve their purity and gain an audience with the Maker. Other conspiracies were created such as the banning of contraception, so women could suffer every time they had sex.

I know that by now you know exactly where I’m going with this.

The first church brought us the modern Bible. A book believed to have been compiled specifically to further an agenda. Who knows whether or not this is true?

But what if it is?

Why have we bought into the idea of a celibate redeemer? Didn’t Christ experience all aspects of humanity in order to relate with us? Didn’t God become a man in order to know what it’s like to be human? How can He know about the difficulties of being married without being married?

Does the possibility of Jesus being a normal man reduce or tarnish His purity? So does this mean people subconsciously believe sex is wrong? Are we still so keyed into these old ideals?

Fun fact: centuries ago women were considered important, beautiful and the leaders of society. After the great massacre, we are still fighting off the dredges of chauvinism.

Are we so afraid of the possibility of another truth?

I’m no historian nor, am I a conspirationalist, but I like to think and I’m not afraid to do so.

By the way, Dan Brown is a Christian. One on a level higher than you and me. I find that inspiring.

DISCLAIMER: None of the content stated here is based on well-documented facts; however, it is not mere speculation

Valerie Tendai Chatindo is a biochemist, entrepreneur and writer. She has been published in Enthuse Mag, Hallelujah Mag and in the Kahalari Review. Follow her at tendy_vchatndo

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Valerie Tendai Chatindo

Valerie Tendai Chatindo

Valerie Tendai Chatindo is a biochemist, entrepreneur and a digital storyteller. Follow her at tendy_vchatndo

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  1. Yeah the fact that people aren’t willing to even question the Bible is so pathetic. We held on to that book (which was assembled via a debate) so much so that we would quite the Bible to someone who isn’t a Christian. So we totally ignore that Jesus had an entire life between 12 – 33 that we know nothing about. He even had to be baptized by John who was baptizing people so they repent from their sins. People don’t wanna face the fact that he was a human being. Other words, Christians hold on religiously to the Bible they can’t even analyse it properly.

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