“Political Parties Have No Permanency; Turn to God,” Bishop Magaya

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Political players, especially those from the ruling party ZANU PF and main opposition MDC, must desist from violent politicking as their parties have no permanency, outspoken cleric and churches advocate Bishop Ancelimo Magaya said.

Speaking at a Churches Convergence on Conflict & Peace (CCCP) District Inspection Meeting held at an AFM Church in  Kuwadzana Extension, the Zimbabwe Divine Destiny Executive Director told Harare residents that it was time they turn to God and shun violence as their political blocs do not guarantee a lifeline.

“Your political parties have no permanency. They evolve,” Bishop Magaya said.

“Who would’ve thought that Amai Mujuru, despite all her bespoke revolutionary logs, would be expelled from ZANU PF? Who would’ve dreamt that Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Thokozani Khupe among others would dessert the MDC?” questioned the cleric.

Such trends were pellucid testimonies that political parties had no ingrained loyalty to individuals whenever push comes to shove or individual interests clash.

Instead of perpetrating violence and othering each other politically, politicians were urged to turn to God for redemption.

“Politicians should put God first before anything else and shun violent and hurtful slogans. Abandon violence! Violence begets violence; a sword begets a sword.”

He added;

“Let’s repent! Let’s redeem our land from the curse of political violence. Stop spilling blood. Violence is an enemy of God, just as corruption is an enemy of God.”

Bishop Magaya also censured the ongoing abduction, torture and abuse of the politically left and civil/workers union leaders, saying it was such political waywardness that was backtracking the country’s potential progress.

“The Central Intelligence Office’s job is to gather intelligence on national threats, not surreptitiously unleash violence on citizens. Think of the ordeals that befell students like Takudzwa Ngadziore, Tawanda Muchehiwa and Namatai Kwekweza. These are mere kids with no capacity to cause violence or national harm. That must stop,” Bishop Magaya said.

The CCCP District Inspection Meeting was attended by various stakeholders, among them members of political parties, business fraternity, civil society, and churches. Also in attendance were members of Child Care Welfare, Prisoners rehabilitation groups, and people with disabilities.

Female participant speaks during reflections

ZANU PF cadre and Chairperson of the Kuwadzana Residents Association Cde Rueben Simba Nedahwa applauded Bishop Magaya and CCCP for their peacebuilding outreach. He said political immaturity was to blame as the principal root cause of unbridled violence.

“Violence comes from the politically immature. The elders know better. The younger generation instigates violence because they have not grown and matured politically and ideally,” said Cde Nedahwa.

“Supporting a party of your choice is one’s right. It doesn’t make us enemies. We are brothers, we just see things differently. Can a husband and wife separate because they support different political parties? It doesn’t have to be like that,” added Nedahwa.

On perpetuating hurtful speeches and slogans, Cde Nedahwa said his party was on a new and progressive trajectory with the advent of the New Dispensation.

“In ZANU PF, we have changed our slogans with the arrival of the New Dispensation. At present, we don’t say, “Pasi Naningi” (down with someone, literally translated to kill someone). We say “Forward with the party beliefs and ideals”, “Pasi ne corruption,” and “Pasi nehumbimbindoga”. Vasingazive tinoti ngavadzidziswe,” he said.

MDC-Alliance’s Councilor Shoko, in his remarks, said they have also changed their slogans’ call to action.

“We have also changed our slogan as the MDC. Haticharovere munhu pasi, takungoti munhu ngaachinje maitiro ake. I want to thank Bishop Magaya for this program because it is godly. You can barely do things without God,” said Cllr Shoko.

He added CCCP came at a time when his district was also planning on hosting a similar event with the residents.

Churches Convergence on Conflict & Peace is an ecumenical syndicate formed by the Zimbabwe Divine Destiny, Ecumenical Churches Leaders Forum, Catholic Commission on Justice & Peace (CCJP), and the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance with aid of the Danish Church Aid.

The ecclesiastical initiative, which also works hand-in-glove with National Peace & Reconciliation Commission and Zimrights, endeavours to alleviate the element of violence in Zimbabwean politics and foster healing from past political atrocities that date back to precolonial times.

CCCP Projects Officer Shadrack Chaparadza said their 2020 agenda was focused on engagement.

CCCP Projects Officer Shadrack Chaparadza
CCCP Projects Officer Shadrack Chaparadza

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