Jesus was Blackety Black Black!

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but Jesus Christ was not a Caucasian with bright blue eyes and long blond hair. He was quite far from it.

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So what did he look like?

Well, according to the bible and historical facts, Jesus was a five-foot-five melanated, amber-eyed man rocking his type 4 Afro shrinkage. As the Bible says, he had burnished bronze skin, the flame of fire-coloured eyes, and short wooly hair. 

Where did the White-Jesus come from? 

For many years, Caucasians thought of themselves as the superior race. Think 1933 Hitler. In fact, many of them still think this way since racism is still a thing in our modern world. However, they are a genetic mutation. The closer to the equator an individual is, the higher the melanin content. The genetic mutation occurred when humans started leaving Africa about  20,000 to 50,000 years ago. 

Somewhere in history, things must’ve really gotten lost in translation because no one in the Bible or the Middle East is Caucasian! Not the Pharaohs, not Moses, not a single one of them. Geographically, it doesn’t add up.

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But not everything is about race, right? 

Wrong. It is. There’s a philosophy known as Social Darwinism which puts forth a racial hierarchy where Caucasians are at the top. Because of this philosophy – which was just a reach, in my opinion– white folks really said Jesus must be white. 

They could not stand the thought of their Lord and Saviour being anything other than a depiction of the ideal Superior Aryan Race: blond locks, blue eyes, and pale skin. In turn, they had the audacity to casually erase this man’s identity and mould a clay model that would make them comfortable. 

The demonization of Black and people of colour, too, makes Caucasians comfortable. So they said, black and PoC angels don’t exist either. Should the utopia known as heaven exist, I find it difficult to believe that only white angels exist.

Not when we have a planet full of every colour. It just seems unrealistic. Real talk, where do racists think everyone else goes? To hell with the devil?  

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The only thing that does make sense is the blackness of Jesus Christ.

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