The Voice of the People Can Never Be the Voice of God: Prophet Tom Tirivangani

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Canada-based Prophet Tom Tirivangani has always registered himself as a man of controversy.

In 2004, the Voice of Restoration Ministry founder prophesied that the late Movement for Democratic Challenge leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai would never rule Zimbabwe.

Fast forward to 2017, the man of God declared Mr Tsvangirai’s death in which he passed away the following year.

“Don’t joke when a man of God is talking. When I spoke in 2004, it took 14 years, but the Word of God never wavered. The word of God can endure forever,” he said to his viewers in a recent church service broadcasted live on his VoR TV.

Well, before he died, Prophet Tom claimed that he saw the rise of the now-leader of the MDC Alliance, Advocate Nelson Chamisa to power as God chose him through Tsvangirai.

“I said this young man (Adv. Chamisa) must take care of himself. I said not now, but it would come. Now it’s coming. It’s like a whirlwind. It’s coming. Nobody can stop it,” said the man of the cloth.

Speaking in the same sermon, Prophet Tom also waved goodbye to the current President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, saying that his days were numbered and he cannot stop what God has declared.

Said Tom;

“Mr Whatever they call you: ED, Emmerson Mnangagwa, whatever they say about you; Your Excellence, Goodbye. I say your Excellence, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Goodbye Sir. Goodbye Sir. Your time is over. Goodbye, Sir. You will not stop this The Word of God will never never never get rotten like a piece of food.”

Tom said the Zimbabwean leader knew what he did behind the scenes and God gave him ample time to repent. He said the President had failed to do so and has proceeded to run with the mantra that “the voice of the people was the voice of God”.

“You know what you did behind the scenes. God was giving you an opportunity to repent, but you have not repented. You have continued to act as if the voice of the people is the voice of God,” said Prophet Tom.

“The voice of the people can never be the voice of God. The voice of God is the voice of God. So, Your Excellency, I can’t say good morning, Sir. I would have to say goodbye because heaven says goodbye. You had your time and your time is up. Your Excellence, your time is up,” added the prophet.

The prophet, however, seems to disregard that last month President Mnangagwa hosted a National Day of Prayer and Fasting and led the nation in repentance and offered a prayer for Zimbabwe for intervention in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prophet Tom Tirivangani

Tom also said it was a time that Zimbabwe also repents from its apostasy as it was a new era for Zimbabwe without murder, violence, torture and brutality.

“The people of Zimbabwe, you must repent and turn back to God. There is a lot of religious spirit in your nation. You have allowed many abominations in your nation. You keep on shedding innocent blood in your nation.

“God said, I will requite of the blood of the innocent people you have murdered. It’s time for a new dawn for that country. We prophesy a new era again, a new dawn for that country. A new beginning. Mark my words,” said Tom.

While the prophet said that the Lord has chosen Adv. Chamisa, he said the MDC Alliance must humble himself as it was not about him but God’s plan.

“And you Mr. Chamisa, I’m talking to you; humble yourself. Don’t talk too much, humble yourself. It’s not about you. It’s about God who wants to fulfill his purpose and wants to use you. So keep quiet. Shut up and see the salvation of the Lord,” said Prophet Tom.

The Voice of the People Can Never Be the Voice of God: Prophet Tom Tirivangani
Mr Chamisa

As of other proliferating political leaders, Tom said he wouldn’t want to delve much into them as they were destined for light political weight. He reduced them to “tuckshop” size significance as opposed to national treasure.

Although he claims prophetic legitimacy and says that he knows the beginning and the end of Zimbabwe, Prophet Tom has been called all kinds of names for his other-worldly prophecies.

In 2018, controversial bible scholar Howard Nyoni took to social media Twitter to dig at the prophet for allegedly misleading the nation with his political prophecies after he had prophesied a Nelson Chamisa win, but that was not.

“There is a false prophet from Zimbabwe-based in Canada, his name is Tom Tirivangani. Be warned about this wolf. He is a liar. He said Nelson Chamisa is going to be the new leader of Zimbabwe but you and me know he was lying,” Howard said.

But Tom, seemingly quite aware of his naysayers and critics, said that he started prophesying about Zimbabwe before other prophets did and that his prophetic utterances did not suddenly spring.

Check out the prophecy below

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