My Two Gods

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I got saved at a really young age. I was 8. Through these beautiful people called Jehovah’s Witnesses, I was introduced to Jesus Christ. I was told He loved me and He died for me.

After that me and God were inseparable. I’d look up to the stars and imagine the Big Guy smiling down on me. I remember praying to see a shooting star once, I didn’t see one for years but I’d ask and ask till one day it happened like magic. The biggest most beautiful shooting star I’ve seen to date.

Now, whenever I look up at that sky I see shooting stars all the time and I know who’s behind it and why. It’s like a secret and a sacrament of love; a reminder that I’m loved and that there is a man up there who will give me the stars and sun if I asked.

Life was simple, faith was simple.

Unfortunately, I grew up. Religion came and started to tell me that the man I loved, wanted…no, demanded obedience and perfection. If I didn’t do what He wanted, He’d make me pay.

And pay I did. All of a sudden I knew two sides to this God. I have two names for Him. Angry God and Nice God and I don’t know which one is the true God or if God’s schizophrenic.

Angry God

Now, let me tell you about A.G as I call Him. He’s a scary guy and yet there is no escaping Him. A.G has made me miserable, caused me to end relationships with people and made me pray and fast even when my heart hasn’t been in it. A.G is good at using fear to get me to do what He wants.

He’ll convince me that certain people are bad and that if I don’t cut them off, they’ll deter me from my destiny. If I don’t always pray Satan will pounce on me like a Bengal tiger and that if I don’t obey His every instruction, it won’t end well for me.

Make no mistake, A.G knows when I’m slacking and He’s always there to whisper in my ear that my impending doom is near. I hate A.G. I really do. You see Angry God isn’t the God I know by experience. He’s a man made God, a God molded by the opinions and traditions of man.

He’s the God who unleashed snakes on the Israelites, sent them into slavery and promises to cut every unfruitful tree from His vine then throw them into the fire.

It’s all about crime and punishment with Him.

Nice God

Even writing about Nice God brings a smile to my face. Nice God is…..well…nice.

Nice God is a God of unconditional love. He says in Jeremiah 31 vs 3 that His love for us is everlasting. He says that He chose us from before the foundation of the world was laid (imagine that). That means He knows us, our weaknesses our mistakes and yet still loves us.

And when I passed by again, I saw that you were old enough for love. So I wrapped my cloak around you to cover your nakedness and declared my marriage vows. I made a covenant with you, says the Sovereign Lord, and you became mine Ezekiel 16vs8

Whenever I read the Bible I see it as a love story between a man and this woman named Israel. Yes, she betrayed Him countless of times and yes He became angry but nomatter what…He took her back. And in the end He went as far as dying for her.

God died for you and me. He knows we are imperfect, He knows we are weak, we can never reach His calibre of perfection and so He has done it for us. I don’t know about you but Nice God sounds like the God I’d rather serve.

As for A.G, I’m taking a chance and betting that maybe He isn’t really the true representation of God afterall. The Word tells me that perfect love casts out fear and since A.G is all about fear and yet God is love. How can they be the same person?

Yes, there are many scriptures people quote to scare and intimidate us. But hey, even Satan quoted scripture so I’m assuming you can find a scripture to back up any point. Yet I know the Bible is supposed to bring me peace and cultivate love and joy. Meaning if it becomes a medium of pain and fear it hasn’t served its purpose.

God is love. His word teaches how to give and receive love. If it is not bringing you joy and peace then it has been reduced to mere mortal words of manipulation.

Quick question. If a person does 999 good deeds and 1 seemingly bad thing, is that person bad? Do we focus on the 1 seemingly bad thing or the 999 amazing good things?

I don’t know about you but I prefer to focus on what builds and cultivates love. Yes God punished people here and there but He also created this beautiful planet. He gave us the planets and constellations. Animals and landscape to admire. Man, I don’t know about you but He seems pretty good to me. Not only that I have the guy who made all of this on speed dial and He left me a love letter in the form of His word.

Call me an optimist if you like, but I think we need that approach to enjoy life. Afterall believing in an angry God isn’t serving me, neither is it serving you so let’s take a chance with Nice God……what do you say?

In a burst of anger I turned my face away for a little while.    But with everlasting love I will have compassion on you,”    says the Lord, your Redeemer.9 “Just as I swore in the time of Noah    that I would never again let a flood cover the earth,so now I swear    that I will never again be angry and punish you Isaiah 54 vs 7-8

Valerie Tendai Chatindo is a scientist, businesswoman and writer. Follow her on Twitter @tendy_vchatndo

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