Don’t Keep Fighting As The Dawn Breaks…

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…...and a man came and wrestled with him until the dawn began to break. Then the man said, “Let me go, for the dawn is breaking!” Genesis 32:24-30

Jacob was a man who was used to fighting. He had fought all his life. What came easily to others he had to aggressively pursue and obtain.

In case you’re not familiar with his life’s story I’ll quickly go through it.

While still in his mother’s womb he wrestled with his twin. Even though he was the one predestined for the blessing of his father, he had to deceive first his brother then his father just to get it. You’d think God would’ve just made him the firstborn if he actually intended to bless him but no Jacob had to resort to tricks.

After that, he had to fight to stay alive because his brother wanted him dead. Things seemed to calm after that, he was working for his uncle and getting ready to marry the woman of his dreams. It all went wrong on his wedding night and he had to again fight just to have the woman he desperately wanted (14 years of labour, most men would quit after year 1). His uncle then further made life difficult for him by stealing his wages….and again Jacob had to fight to obtain what was his and flee from Laban.

And where did all this lead him? The place of Peniel.

A man so used to fighting, a man who’s never had it easy and now a man fighting with God.

When I look at my own life I find I can relate to this man and I know some of you do too. Everything is a struggle, you have to hustle, you have to resort to doing things you don’t like just to have a decent life. A decent life others seem to carelessly take for granted. You’ve had to lie, you’ve been lied. People have even tried to take what’s yours. Yes, the very things you’ve had to suffer for.

Does life afford no mercy? Are you supposed to suffer all your life? Why is everything so hard? Why God….why me…why me? Am I paying for my predecessors’ sins? Why is life so difficult for me? I want you to know that I understand and guess what, God understands too.

We’ve all come to the point of asking these questions. We have all trekked to the place of Peniel. It is a place we don’t enjoy visiting because after all, who enjoys fighting with God.

Sometimes we grow so accustomed to fighting. We just don’t know when and where to stop. We are so caught up in our efforts we miss the breaking of the dawn. The breaking forth of change, of emancipation and rectification. Rectification and the genesis of our salvation. We become so used to being little Apollo Creeds that we end up fighting even the people who want to help and love us. Someone very close (and special) to me, once described me as an army commander permanently equipped with combat boots and an Ak4, which unfortunately tends to shoot stray bullets.

What is it that you’re fighting for? Listen Jesus said ‘Cast your burden on me’. Bring it all to God. Yes you had a season where you had to fight but now its time to trust God. ‘Abide in me and I in you’ the Father is calling out.

You can’t win all the battles of life, they are greater than you. Sure you may win in one area but be a failure in so many others. We all know people like that. Some of you are trying to work the guilt of your sins out of your system. Sorry, but you’ll never win. Enter in the blessing of a breaking dawn and the love of the Messiah.

Maybe you aren’t familiar with this Messiah or somewhere your heart grew cold towards Him. That’s ok, He has always been waiting with open arms.

Let’s say this quick prayer…

“Jesus, I am tired of struggling and fighting. I admit that only You can help me win every battle in my life. Take over my life and give me rest. I love you. Amen”

I just prayed that prayer with you and I am embarking on this journey with you, because yes, even I’m tired of fighting too.

…….the shreds of light give up their battle and once more the light breaks forth….it is the breaking of the dawn

Valerie Tendai Chatindo is a scientist, businesswoman and writer. Follow her on Twitter @tendy_vchatndo

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