“Time For Theatrics, Performances, Games And Gimmicks in The Church Has Come to An End”

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It’s only in Prophetic/Pentecostal ministry where using your mind to think is considered as not being spiritual enough and questioning certain practices is regarded as rebellion.

Hence prophetic and pentecostal ministries are slowly creating spiritual Zombies who cannot question anything but believe everything.

Spiritual Zombies who shout I CONNECT and I RECEIVE to everything even without any understanding of what they are receiving.

Spiritual Zombies who listen to an idol called Papa and never take time to listen to the Most High God.

Spiritual Zombies who delight in being fed with messages of peace and hope in a world full of wars and civil unrest.

Spiritual Zombies who all fight for being the most favourite of Papa and Mama yet they don’t fight to live right and get closer to God.

Those who believe everything, know nothing because they lack knowledge but those who question everything have actually matured to a certain level of understanding and knowledge.

Isn’t it funny that doctors, politicians, soldiers and even professors who studied in the best universities all over the world can be deceived and misled by a normal human being who does not have any special educational background who only comes carrying a Bible, wearing a suit and promising prosperity, peace and good health in a dying world so poor with unending wars against visible and invisible forces?

We are all praying and fasting for the lockdown to be lifted so that we may go back and have Church as usual/business as usual, but I have sad news for you.

After lockdown, it will not be business as usual and it will not be Church as normal. There is a paradigm shift in the atmosphere right now and people’s eyes have been opened by this virus to reality and truth. People will not be rushing for miracles and prophecies as usual but there is a breed of people that God is dealing with during this lockdown moment.

A breed that will not be moved by theatrics and gimmicks in the name of miracles and wonders. God is restoring the church back to the Eden kind of Church. A church that will yearn to have a personal relationship with Him more than mere men. A church that will not be moved by magicians disguised as prophets and pastors.

A church that will not be moved by glitz and glamour of the so-called Men of Cloth, but a Church that will rise up as an end-time army.

The remnant is rising. The remnant is coming. The remnant is here

Wake up, African child. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

After lockdown, God is taking back his people and they shall be filled with the Word of God and nothing else. They shall operate in the fullness of the glory of God without contamination.

Next time you go to church, carry your brains with you. Common sense is permitted beyond the doors of your church. Use it.

Prophet Jay Israel is a Zimbabwean born preacher based in East London, South Africa. He is the leader of The Spirit Life Church. He resents the growing phenomenon of the papas, wristbands and anointing oil that many mega-church prophets use. Follow him on Facebook

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