He Caught The Coronavirus In Church & Nearly Died, But God Healed Him

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A believer and one of the first people to catch COVID-19 in Georgia, USA is on record saying that God healed him from the deadly pandemic that has claimed over 200 000 lives worldwide.

Clay Bentley admitted that it did not look good for him and that he was in a bad shape but God brought him out of it.

He claimed that he got exposed to the coronavirus infectious disease in the house of the Lord.

“I was with 100 people in a choir singing praises to God. And this is what the Lord told me: “The enemy don’t like you praising your God, and as long as you have breath in your lungs, you’re gonna praise God, so the enemy wants to take your breath. But I’m gonna give you breath. I’m gonna breathe life into you, so you will continue to praise me for the rest of your days,”

Bentley told Cassandra Maria of Premier Christianity.

He said after he had got the virus, he was admitted in a hospital for seven days where medical practitioners tried everything to no avail as he was not getting any better.

In fact, he was only getting worse; his doctor told him that when he came into the hospital, he had pneumonia and a little bit of fluid on his lungs, but ever since they attended to him, his lungs were completely full of fluid.

Bentley said after he was told such a pessimistic message, he stood on the Word of God. While the doctor was telling him he was getting worse, the Spirit of God assured him that he was better.

One Sunday morning, he said his chest felt really heavy and it got to the point where he couldn’t breathe but the Spirit of God came and blew air into his lungs.

“The Lord was blowing air in my lungs. And when he did, it just blew everything else out. I could breathe freely again,” he said.

When the doctor came in to check on him at 6:30 am, he couldn’t believe that Bentley did not have any fluids in his lungs at all.

The doc acknowledged that Bentley was a “praying man”, and from his working experience as a medical practitioner, he has found that people who pray have positive energy and their bodies heal themselves.

“I said, “You can say that if you want to, Doc, but I’m telling you, God came in my room at 3 am this morning, blew in my lungs and I’m healed!” said Bentley.

Two days later, Bentley was discharged from the hospital.

Not only did God heal him of the coronavirus, but also from rheumatoid arthritis which he had struggled with for a whole year before his exposure to COVID-19.

An original and full version of this story first appeared on Premier Christianity

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