Murambatsvina 2.0. What Would Prophet T Freddy Do? 

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Music makes room for our repressed pain. When you listen to a sad song, it can bring that pain to the surface. You cry, you feel those emotions fully, and then you’re able to process them better.

It’s a therapeutic experience as it helps people manage physical pain. It can also reduce anxiety, fear, depression, and lower blood pressure.

Whether it’s emotional or physical pain, music has the power to heal us, which ultimately means we have the power to heal ourselves.

Call it the ballad of the tearful or the lamentation of Prophet T. Freddy but the founder and leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries (GMM) has registered his sorrow over the demolition of his Glen View church structure in a new song.

Entitled “Ndirikurwadziwa”, the song which debuted with a video features the “spiritual spectacle” seer uncontrollably crying his eyes out as he attempts to come to terms with the reality that his place of worship was reduced to rubbles by the city council.

According to the prophet, God showed him of the impending doom of his church beforehand.

Speaking to state media, the Munyama Wegonzo hitmaker had this to say;

“People are asking me if I had seen it in the spiritual realm, the thing is God will always tell us, I wrote a song that was meaningless to me… and God told me uchabatwa panorwadza and for a moment I thought it was death in my family or around me.

I wanted to release the song, and God stopped me saying you will release it when you have real tears…I was praying for God’s protection and now I know what it meant,”

Freddy was quoted by the Hmetro.

Freddy said he was allocated the land by the City of Harare and he feels that they should have told them to remove the temporary structure.

He said he had built the shed with the authority of the council and had taken advantage of the lockdown to put the roofing sheets which were destroyed.

The seer said it was difficult for them to raise the money, and someone had to pledge their car to see the completion of through.

Freddy added that they hadn’t started using the structure because it was completed just before the lockdown.

However, Harare Mayor Hebert Gomba dismissed the prophet’s allegations, claiming that for years the municipality has been embroiled in a protracted dispute with the cleric for refusing to vacate the area.

Watch the video: 

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