Fear Can Confuse and Paralyse You

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Fear is a powerful emotion that can simultaneously confuse and paralyse you. Fear is one of the most effective weapons against the mind of humans.

Governments and other sinister organisations even the church choose to use fear as a way to paralyse us and render us ineffective in the current battles of the mind.

Today we are flooded with all sorts of news and stories about the Coronavirus, most if not all news at this moment is doom and havoc. Fear is such an incredibly strong emotion, and it can be incredibly hard to overcome. Not knowing what is going on, not knowing if we are really safe, and when this will all end plays on our fears and heights anxieties.

It is no wonder that so many people are afraid of the end of the world. What will happen after? What if I never make it, what if Coronavirus takes me? What if I never see the ones I love again? These are all common questions that cause doubt and confusion.

For those who are Christians, The Book of Revelation lays out the end of days and it can be an intimidating read. It brings out some of the most common fears: fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of pain and fear of loss.

However, fear is only an emotion. Though its effects are incredibly powerful, fear can always be overcome by truth. If we know the truth about God and the world, we can beat our fears.

As Christians, we should try to conquer this fear given to us by the enemies of truth, and instead turn to God and His Word. Despite the scary scenarios in the Book of Revelation, a believer who has a saving relationship with Jesus Christ (John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10) can find peace for this key reason God is always by our side, lifting us up and giving us strength (Isaiah 41:10).

Truth is our only hope. Stay safe, have no fear, instead have faith stay anchored in Christ.

You can conquer fear and proclaim ‘I am anchored in Christ; Bring On Euroclydon’.

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