Ian Genesis’ Prophecy Comes True? Zambia Records No New COVID-19 Cases!

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God can use a single prophet to save an entire generation, but who will listen to him if he has no TV station and no Lamborghini, he said.

With all humility in these times, when almost all the major prophets have gone into silence because COVID-19 is unpredictable and because they no longer give sharp prophecies, he believes that he should be the one speaking.

Unfortunately, this generation does not listen to his voice.

His name is Prophet Ian Genesis, and he is the General Overseer of Charisma Ministries International in Zambia.

On March 24, he wrote on his official Facebook platform that the Lord told him that COVID-19 would “disappear” in fourteen days (April 8).

A death by prophetic oracles, people couldn’t know whether they should believe him as his “prophecy” came after Prophet T.B. Joshua‘s, who had earlier said that the infectious disease would end on March 27.

The 27th came and Genesis corroborated with Joshua’s prediction, saying coronavirus pandemic indeed ended on the said day. The charismatic seer said he had no doubt that the infectious disease was wiped out completely as the SCOAN leader has declared, but the problem was that the event happened “spiritually” and most people lacked the faith to see it transpire.

He said battles were won in the spirit realm then they manifest in the physical realm.

“The Lord has confirmed to me today, the 27th of March 2020, that corona has indeed finished, in the spirit realm. But you people, you’re like the doubting Thomas. You don’t believe in what you cannot see. That is why there are two prophecies; one is prophesying when it will end in the spirit which is Prophet T.B Joshua, and Prophet Ian Genesis gives you the date when it will be announced for you to see which is the 8th of April.

From today, the 27th, up to the 8th of April, you will begin to see numbers decrease of cases… People will begin to recover from this disease,” he added.

After 27 March the numbers of those infected and killed by COVID-19 did not decrease around the world. Rather they spiralled to over 1, 000,000 infections and more than 87,444 deaths.

Despite, Prophet Genesis did not pull back his word, even though it felt like an empty declaration. Rather, he remained very hopeful that the novel coronavirus would be done with at the beginning of April.

Wednesday the 8th happened. Zambia’s Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya announced to the press that the Southern-Central African country has not recorded any COVID-19 new cases out of 154 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.

Imagine how Prophet Ian Genesis must have felt.

The lanky man of the cloth wasted not time to announce that the ministerial announcement was indeed a confirmation of what he’d predicted.

“8th April, Zero new cases of COVID19 in Zambia. Coincidentally a Zambian prophet by name Ian Genesis guessed that they will be no cases on that particular day,”

he wrote on his Facebook page that has a following of over 75 000 people.

“Someone inbox me and said “Prophet don’t be proud just because we have 0 cases of COVID19 in Zambia on the date you prophecied” so I was not proud when giving the prophecy? Its like people were waiting for cases to increase instead of being stopped. What a wicked generation,(sic)” he wrote in another post.

“If your spiritual father is a Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Apostle thank God for him for praying for you during this hard time. If he or she is a Prophet, inbox them and ask them”Papa why are you not prophesying about COVID19?”. Peoples have been deceived but now a real issue that requires prophecy has come.

I say this without fear of contradiction, calling phone numbers, names can be staged but not COVID19. Giving political Prophecies is easy. This virus is only for real men of God, not titles,”

Genesis continued with his moonwalk.

While many people would have thought that his prophecy pertained the world at large, it was clear from his posts that it was only limited to his home country.

He said that Zambia, which is a Christian nation, was healed because they had allowed Jesus to take over.

“In Zambia people are being healed without science, we call him Jesus. Try him, if America can try him, he will show up. Jesus heals COVID19,” said Genesis.

In yet another post, the seer said arrogance was stalling healing from happening in countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, UK and Kenya.

“I want to do some spiritual directions over other countries but God says they are still arrogant. Even Zambia if you become arrogant the disease will come back. Give glory to God not doctors because he is the only cure. I will update you which countries are next for encounter. The alter has spoken,” said Genesis.

He went on to challenge other prophets to prophesy when COVID-19 will end in their countries.

“You think by coincidence what I said has come to pass in the country I stay in,” he asked. “OK I challenge any prophet to prophesy when the disease will stop in their own country or in the nation they are currently stay in. And if you think challenging them is wrong,ask Elijah why he challenged the Prophets of Baal. God is cleaning the church (sic).”

In what seemed like a clerical dig at popular Zimbabwean cleric Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, who on Sunday launched a snide attack at preachers attempting to come up with prophecies over coronavirus, telling them to stand aside as he was the one who correctly predicted the world health calamity, Prophet Genesis chided;

“What is the purpose of telling people you saw it before it came and you can’t tell them when it will end. You as a prophet, you are happy that your country is on lockdown. God can not be mocked. Not long ago Zambia was threatened by someone in Limpopo SA,why can’t he prophesy when south Africa will be safe? God is exposing them.

I have worked on Zambia spiritually and the disease has disappeared without medication by the grace of God. Many claim to be power,now is the time when your Jesus needs to show up. Very soon I will tell all the nations what to do, to finish the disease globally so that the church of God will stand like never before (sic),” added the Genesis.

According to government statistics, Zambia had 39 confirmed cases of COVID-19, one death and 7 recovered.

Although seer Genesis appears to be quite confident that Zambia is free of the coronavirus, the responsible health authorities are yet to make that assessment.

Also, the prophet’s utterance is largely anchored on the people’s humility, without which he said the infectious disease might strike again.

Without saying much, one can say conclusively say that his prophecy is problematic, same way T.B. Joshua’s was.

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