Prophets & Spiritual Healers Diverting Attention to Bill Gates and 5G

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They gained notoriety as faith healers and thousands of their followers view them as embodiments of miracle healing.

They have even set up healing schools and pre-COVID-19 they made so much noise and celebrated wondrous miraculous healing powers and paraded many on their social media platforms.

But like lizards threatened by a predator, they have run to hide under rocks and disappeared into the ground.

Where are the prophets that once boasted to possess healing powers? Where are the pastors famed for divine healing and anointing? Is this not the time to show face?

But instead of demonstrating the anointing powers that they have aptly claimed to have and possess they chose not to demonstrate their ‘so-called-God-given-powers’ they thusly, engage in a philosophical argument about the medical effects of 5G and feed into conspiracy theories that are baseless and without fact.

Like hyenas, they now squabble amongst themselves some asking about why the coronavirus has reached their village which has no 5G. Even calling each other fake.

Is this a trick to distract the ever gullible followers who are egging you on?

At a time when the world is in confusion and calmness is required some of those once famed for prophetic healing are now championing conspiracies and pitting themselves against the likes of Bill Gates and churning out vitriol and equating the American billionaire philanthropist to a beast from hell, doing the devils bidding.

It is easy to claim healing powers in the absence of a real pandemic. Indeed, prophetic healing schools can be set up in every postal code the world over, but the real test comes when something like COVID-19 enters the scene.

Those without bias have seen and are in no doubt that those who modelled and fashioned themselves as prophets and spiritual healers of our time possess no sacral mystique, but are fallible human beings like the rest of us.

God has shown people of faith that He alone is the healer; it has been made clear now that it is only God who is never in error.

Only God is ever in complete control.

However, we should not readily dismiss the blessings of medical research and practice; only God truly has the power to heal. Medical science should not be seen as a devils arm.

God can still use medical experts to heal us. Hospitals and medicine are not of the devil as some would have us believe.

Vaccination is not a tool of the devil.

It is very worrisome and rather sad that some preachers are scaring their followers and constructing distrust by alleging that some vaccination will be the biblical mark of the beast. A lot of the gullible followers of these prophets in Africa particularly, and to a certain extent, the world over might have already swallowed this information hook-line-and-sinker. The extent of this damage is yet to be seen.

The fight by these prophetic healers is two-pronged.

On one hand, it’s about remaining relevant in a pandemic crisis that has exposed them as all bark but without an effective bite. They are out of their depth with regards to spiritual or prophetic healing when it comes to the coronavirus.

On the other hand, perhaps the calls by Bill Gates to restrict public gatherings presented an existential threat to their business.

For many megachurches, the church is an income stream. Maybe, just maybe, this is why Bill has been a subject and target of vitriol from our prophets and spiritual healers.

But now is not the time to point fingers and show elaborate graphics of how 5G may or may not harm us, or how governments want to implant chips or whatever, in our bodies through vaccination.

Right now, we want you to step up and demonstrate your God-given healing powers, those spiritual miraculous healing powers that you are famed for.

Indeed, the field is white, ready to harvest. There could not be a more opportune time in modern times than now for you to shine the light.

Dear prophets and preachers, famed for your healing prowess; let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

I will hasten to say, dear readers, those of you reading this message who are waiting for the prophetic healers to come out of hiding. We have a plague, a pestilence; such terms not only imply a disease with deadly consequences, but a disease that is mysterious, unknown, and without human control.

We have a “pandemic” therefore I strongly encourage you to follow the guidelines and guidance from your respective governments during this time of crisis.

Written By Brilliant Pongo, Christian author and journalist. His latest book, “I am Anchored in Christ; Bring on Euroclydon” is available today at

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Brill Pongo

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