Prophets Must Leave Conspiracy Theories to Others & Let Virologists Do Their Job

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Some church leaders are playing a very dangerous game, making claims and feeding conspiracy theories about 5G.

Indeed, as governments around the world struggle to slow the spread of COVID-19, confusion and fear are driving many people to search for answers elsewhere.

People are going to be feeling more uncertain, more anxious, so they’re going to be drawn to more conspiracy theory narratives, hence it is very worrisome, if not a dangerous thing, that some church leaders are now peddling conspiracy theories rather than preach the truth.

Scientists have said the idea of a connection between COVID-19 and 5G is “complete rubbish” and biologically impossible.

Indeed, the idea that 5G lowers your immune system doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Pastors and prophets stay clear of such nonsense, please. The present epidemic is caused by a virus that is passed from one infected person to another.

Scientists may not presently have all the answers for now, but we know that a virus is causing havoc. That is true.

If you don’t have words of encouragement to your followers, please sing some hymns with them. It is far much better than you showing graphics of 5G this and all the bullsh*t you are sharing from conspiracy websites.

Don’t embarrass yourselves by displaying your ignorance, science and virology are not theology.

Viruses and electromagnetic waves that make mobile phones and internet connections work are different things. As different as chalk and cheese.

So to all the church leaders who have all-of-a-sudden become scientist and experts of virology, please spare us your bullsh*t. Stay in your lane focus on the ‘G’ (God) that theology and the Bible teach you.

Leave conspiracy theories to others and let the scientists and the qualified virologist do their job.

Written By Brilliant Pongo, Christian author and journalist. His latest book, “I am Anchored in Christ; Bring on Euroclydon” is available at and

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Brill Pongo

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