“T. B. Joshua Might Have Missed the #Coronavirus Prophecy, But it Doesn’t Mean that He is A Fake Prophet”

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Please get the scripture clear and in full understanding as it is. It doesn’t mean that since in the last days there will be false prophets, so automatically there will be no true ones, NO!

One thing that the one who opens to read the Bible should understand, is that the writers of the individual books in the Bible stood to write on the positive aspect side of each individual character, be it messengers, prophets, the apostles or kings. These were 100% human beings in earthly bodies, and they had their shortfalls as well, only that not everything about their lives was included in the Bible.

Let me say that all messengers are prophets, but not all prophets are messengers.

Messengers like Moses (Torah) and Jesus (gospel) came with specific revelations, while other minor prophets who came after them came only to remind their own people about their messages from God (Torah) and (gospel). That‘s why it‘s very wrong to begin to worship them.

I choose to take on prophets because both biblical and secular, history has proven that these men never escaped the wrath of rejection and ridicule among their own people (colour, race or tribe). Bear in mind that to assume the office or title of a prophet is not an easy thing as most people would regard it to be, and it‘s not that easy for any prophet to prophesy or give out prophecy.

In most instances, a prophet as a warner receives prophecy in parts until it is made clear to himself or herself, not until he is assured of that prophecy he/she received. This is why it takes time for most of them to come out and prophesy, and in most cases, they give out the prophecy in phases as they are troubled in Spirit.

Show me a prophet in the Bible who was rejected 97% amongst his own people and I will show you Noah (Nuas), Moses (Musa), Elijah (Elias), Isaiah (Isa), Jeremiah (Yeremiah), Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea (the prophet that married a prostitute, Gomer), Jonah(Yonas) including Jesus (Issah-Yeshua) himself. They were all rejected until years passed and after they had gone, that’s when they became accepted.

Look, even in the times of Jesus, they were prophets fake and real ones; real ones like John, the Baptist, the greatest Prophet himself who doubted Jesus at some point when he sent his disciples to go and ask Jesus if he was the one to come or there was another one to come (prophetic error). All prophets are human. Look at Elijah who ran away when he heard Jezebel was looking for him and hid in the thick forests only to be fed by ravens.

The point is that prophecy is not for everyone, and certain prophecy will require interpretations.

The bitter pill to chill among you Christians is that T. B. Joshua is a prophet. You don’t have to believe in him, but you got to respect the man, appreciate every effort and positive strides he has made so far. It’s only 170 years from today that those who will be there will come to appreciate and recognise him to be a true prophet of his God…

In conclusion, all these prophets that you have come to hear of through the Bible only came to be recognised and accepted 170 and 200 years after they had gone, including Jesus himself.

By the way, the person whom you call by the name JESUS, his real actual names are Immanuel Yeshua. JESUS was a title given to someone who assumed divine spiritual powers, casting out demons or one who would heal or bring someone to life. There were a lot more people that had assumed that title even before Jesus himself (Yeshua) came to earth and after he had left. Remember Bar-JESUS in the book of Acts 13 vs 6.

Jesus himself, even if he gave out a prophecy, certain prophecies like exactly when the world would end, he didn’t know. But that didn’t make him a false prophet. Even when he prayed for some people, he left the totality of their healing to their faith, that those that doubted in him received nothing at all. Same with prophecy, believe and it will be done; doubt and it will fail according to one’s faith, but prophecy must be given out.

Pray, encourage and respect T. B. Joshua by being thankful to God that you witnessed a prophet in your generation.

I thank you and God bless T. B. Joshua.

Immanuel Kasonde wrote this think piece. Please note that the original text was edited to enhance readability.

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