Prophet Genesis Corroborate T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy, Said #Corona Indeed Ended On March 27

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Well, hello there to the both of you who are still checking this humble corner of the web with any regularity. It is two days now since the 27th of March, the day that Nigerian televangelist and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B. Joshua predicted would mark the end of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus strain.

As of this afternoon March 29, the global cases of coronavirus stands over 683,500 and there have been over 32,100 fatalities confirmed, as well as a 146,396 record of recovered patients.

With coronavirus pandemic continuing to rummage, costing lives and livelihoods all around the world, most of us are probably thinking that the Mighty Man of God, Papa Temitope Balogun Joshua’s declaration was, you know, a bit made up to procure some cheap prophetic score, despite the fact that Papa has a pedigree in the ministry replenished with prophecies that came to pass and awe-inspiring deliverance miracles.

The problem with the prediction was not only the specificity of the event itself but that it was dated, thus it kinda put his credibility on the line. Of course, nothing of the sort actually happened, at least in the world of visibility and that left some of us with a classic dilemma of usual apocalyptic movements: What do you do when prophecy fails?

By the looks of it, the coronavirus pandemic indeed ended on the 27 March, at least according to yet another man of the cloth, Prophet Ian Genesis. The General Overseer of Charisma Ministries International in Zambia said he had no doubt that the infectious disease was wiped out completely on Friday. The problem is that the event happened “spiritually” and most of us “doubting Thomases” lacked faith.

The charismatic seer, who earlier this month predicted that Covid-19 would end on the 8th of April, said his prophecy did not render T.B. Joshua’s “fake”.

Said prophet Genesis in a video broadcasted on his official Facebook page:

“Battles are won in the spirit realm then they began to manifest in the physical realm. You need to understand that after doing a lot of spiritual direction, spiritual work on the alter. The Lord has confirmed to me today, the 27th of March 2020, that corona has indeed finished, in the spirit realm. But you people, you’re like the doubting Thomas. You don’t believe in what you cannot see.

That is why there are two prophecies; one is prophesying when it will end in the spirit which is Prophet T.B Joshua, and Prophet Ian Genesis gives you the date when it will be announced for you to see which is the 8th of April. From Today, the 27th, up to the 8th of April, you will begin to see numbers decrease of cases… People will begin to recover from this disease. Therefore, do not be quick to criticise the prophecy of the man of God because between today and the 8th of April numbers will decrease drastically, and I repeat drastically.

Those of you whose eyes are opened spirit, you can see that coronavirus has ended. But for those of you who doubt, who only believe in what you see in the newspapers, who only believe in what you see people declare as Presidents, that is why there is a manifestation of the 8th of April. So, I’m here to tell you that the prophecy of the man of God (T.B. Joshua) was true,”

Check out the video below.

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