The Roman Catholic Church Will Be Shaken Into A Schism, New Prophecy Suggests

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For one thing or another, the Roman Catholic Church has found itself in many news headlines lately. From clerical sexual abuse revelations, the centuries-old question of priest celibacy, church sanctions, accusations of racism and Eurocentrism to strong opposition, the church is facing its most serious crisis in 500 years, hinting that the church might be on the verge of yet another historical schism.

While history shows that the possibility of schism is always present, the odds against schism today are high. Pope Francis, however, acceded that although unity is feeling some strain, it still appears strong and that he didn’t fear a schism within the Church as criticism grows. He said there had been many doctrinal splits during the 2,000-year history of the Church, but he prayed there would not be another, adding that he was open to discussing differences of opinion with his critics, some of whom have accused him of heresy and have called for his resignation.

Well now, a new “prophecy” by a Bulawayo-based prophet and the leader of the Divine Kingdom Ministries, Pastor Ian Ndlovu, suggests that the Vatican-based church faces a nasty historical “shaking” that will see it fall into division.

Speaking to his followers during a Sunday service, the controversial cleric said he saw in two separate visions how the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter will be shaken due to the political polarisation.

Watch the prophecy in the video below:

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