Rev. Lucy Natasha Got Off To A Rocky Start With Zimbabweans!

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Twitter is often compared to a cocktail party. It’s where friends and strangers gather to share information and connect through common interests. Albeit, inasmuch as it sounds like a party of level-headedness people who have the sophistication of channelling out their thoughts in 280 characters, language is not so innocent on the platform. You can’t say anything, can you?

Gorgeous Nairobi preacher and founder of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, Reverend Lucy Natasha, is quite reputed for ever dazzling her online followers with her hot looks, showy display of expensive lifestyle and wise sayings. Sadly, the Oracle Of God prophetess rather torched a storm with Zimbabwean Twitter users when she visited President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House on Saturday, November 23. She was in the country for the Mega 3 All-Night Prayer — convened by Daughters of Virtue (DOV) — at the National Sports Stadium on Friday.

Posting pictures of herself together with the Zimbabwean president on her official microblogging platform, Rev. Natasha wrote:

“Great moments with His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in State House earlier today. I prophesy that God will usher you into a new realm of favor, dominion and influence.”

While she clearly meant well with her prophecy, the flamboyant prophetess received a major backlash from a group of agitated users, with others claiming that she was in bed with the devil. Her prayers and concerns should have been directed to the hundreds of people who were hurt during recent police riots, some argued.

Most of her critics advised her to keep away from the President urging he is as evil as it can get and does not deserve God’s favour.

Others pleaded with Natasha to stick to the word of God and desist from mixing with characters.

Here were some of the response:

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