Talking Oscar Pambuka, Apostle Chiwenga, Passion Java & Banning Opposition Parties With Prophet Madungwe

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Founder of Remnant Desire of All Nations Ministries, Prophet Talent Madungwe stopped by our offices last week and he had some spiritual tea to dish out. From talking about convicted fraudster, television and radio personality Oscar Pambuka starting his own church, to banning opposition parties worldwide, the tricenarian cleric set the record straight on some of his unpopular opinions that has stirred a lot of controversies.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

You’re very engaged in every aspect of society, socially and politically. When did you realise that the church has a special role to play in the society?

It was when God ordained me. He told me that you’re the prophet of all nations, your duty is to stand between God and his people. You’re like a bridge between heaven and earth. So, if anything happens on earth, I must be involved. That is my duty as the prophet of God. That’s my mission.

At one time during an interview, radio personality Oscar Pambuka questioned your mental balance in regards to your bizarre prophecies. Fast forward to 2019, he has opened a church of his own, the Oscar Pambuka Ministries. What came into your mind when you heard that and what do you make of people starting new churches, overall?

For Oscar, it wasn’t a very big surprise to me, because I know God can take anyone and change them. Even in the Bible, God converted people like Saul who then became Paul. This was a hard person who became loyal and preaches the Gospel. Actually, I was happy because someone who once asked me about being not that mentally stable is now preaching the Word of God because he now understands because God visited him or changed him. At least, he now understands the spiritual things. At that time he was just a journalist who was crushing me, trying to get the truth out of me, but now he’s doing the work of God. I’m happy that he ventures into the work of God. This is my desire for many people because God wants his work done. The Bible says anyone who wants to become the man of God, or Bishop is allowed to do that.

If someone opens a church, we celebrate. The bible says, “the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few”. But we do not want is people who start curches with wrong motives or open churches as business enterprises. If you open it to preach the gospel and win souls, we don’t have a problem whatsoever. Opening a church or being a man of God, we support everyone who does that because it is our desire as we approach end times. We want everyone to be converted spiritually. We want more churches, more men of God. Otherwise in existence right now, we have very few churches. We insist that many do this.

Recently you called out Jesus Revelation Ministries leader Apostle Talent Chiwenga and said he is not a preacher but one who studies errors in people and churches. Where do you and him disagree on?

He is not preaching, that is what I can say because when God calls you, you must be given the full package, like what is your message to the people. In my case, when God called me, I asked him, what my message was to his people. He said, “Tell then that Jesus is about to come”. So, I focus on that vision. Every church must have a vision. What that apostle is doing is not preaching, because we preach Jesus Christ. He’s just studying churches, any pastor or prophet’s weaknesses then he quotes a verse. Of the preachers and men of God we have, he can’t be the one right. For instance, he criticises Baba Guti but he has a build a legacy as the father of Zimbabwe. We must respect him for that.

When Paul came, he never attacked Peter and vice-versa. We don’t attack but we correct the person. Even Jesus Christ said he wasn’t correct but only the father in heaven. He’s not perfect, only God is. So, he is focusing on other people’s weakness only, but not preaching Jesus. He has lost the vision of preaching the Gospel which is Jesus Christ. When you stand at the pulpit, you must reveal Jesus Christ to the people. He’s the one who died for mankind, not reveal Prophet Makandiwa, Ezekiel Guti or Prophet Madungwe because we didn’t die for the people.

The church will not save people to heaven; only Christ can. You must speak of him, more than anything. There is no Holy Spirit that reveals that. Anyone who is not preaching Jesus has lost the connection. It is like he wants to be famous or a business. In the Bible, it was only about Jesus, from the Old to the New Testament. They were either pointing the Israelites to Jesus Christ who was to come or rebuking them of their sins. I’m not saying he’s not a man of God; he must preach Jesus. I’m rebuking him as a prophet because it is my duty, just like any other biblical prophet did. That is our purpose as God’s vessels to preach Jesus. But now some people want to make money or seek popularity out of this gospel. The church must give people Jesus Christ. At that church, people go for jokes or the same way they go to the movies theatre to laugh.

Prophet Passion Java has been catching a lot of heat for engaging with secular music artists and his big-mouthed bout stunting. But in his defence, he says that even Jesus dined with sinners to win them over, and such actions have transcended to actually define the Christian culture today. What’s your take on such Biblical hermeneutics?

What I can say on that is that Jesus Christ rebuked the Pharisees and said, “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets” who were killed by your forefathers. That was the greatest sin that Jesus rebuked about the Pharisees; just supporting a wrong cause. Passion must support Gospel artists. Yes, Jesus Christ said he came for the sinners; he should lure them to the church. It is bad when he sponsors their ungodly music. He should convert them to Jesus and sing Gospel, not vulgar-laden music. God doesn’t like that music. What do Christians stand to benefit from that music? You see, I do press interviews even with Hmetro, not to be famous but to let people know that there is God. He should promote them to ditch that lifestyle of drugs and licentiousness and come to God.

Prophet Java said that Prophet Bushiri would die in December. Can a prophet prophesies on another and would you tell if that prophecy was credible?

According to heavenly statistics, we’d don’t have any death of a prophet in the month of December. That was not a prophecy. He claimed that he was going to die and that he was going to pray for him to reverse it. Prophets don’t operate like that. You give a prophecy and then you leave it to the victim to appeal. When King Hezekiah became very ill, the prophet Isaiah visited him and warned him that he would soon die. Upon hearing this, Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and wept. He did not want to die, so he prayed, crying. It was then that the Lord told Isaiah to visit King Hezekiah again and tell him that He had seen the king’s tears and had heard his prayers. That was a typical prophecy, not this Bushiri one. You cannot have a prophecy and cancel it. He’s just trying to be popular.

You said God is not happy with WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Can you explain why?

God is not happy with WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Not that he’s saying that stop using those platforms, he’s just not happy when you do things like pornography, lies and gossip. The way we are using it, we are abusing it. There is no problem when we use WhatsApp to spread the word of God, do business and family communications.

In October you claimed that you visited heaven and had a met with God. From that meeting, you said that you banned on all Bible Versions but the King James Version and sanctioned all political opposition parties worldwide because they cause retrogression. Can you shed more light on that?

We recently banned the use of all bible versions but the King James Version because they were wrongfully translated. The translations in New international Version and Amplifies diluted the original text to the extent that they distorted the sense. For now, we authorise the use of KJV only, until other versions get to retranslate the text correctly. If you want, you can use other translations for understanding purposes, but you should have the KJV with you. Read it until you understand it.

Also, we banned all the opposition parties. That is how we want the world to run internationally. We want one party-state like China. As long as there is an opposing party, there is fighting. So, no nation can prosper with that retrogression. That is the reason why China is where it is now. They do not have opposition parties, like what biblical Israel was. Where there is an opposition party, the nation doesn’t prosper. That is why we have one husband and one wife, to have one vision. A nation needs one head of state. This is the message to all the countries. Whoever is loved by the masses should be the president. That is the same government structure in heaven. When the devil rebelled, they removed him. That was the opposition party and they knew that if they left him there, he would have disturbed the day-to-day running of government. Satan started opposition parties here on earth like he wanted to do in heaven.

Any specific message you have on in Zimbabwe?

Things are not okay with us as Zimbabwe, but we are moving in the right direction although it might seem like we are going otherwise. Israel went through an exile, a bad phase but the good thing was that God took them through that time. Being on earth is hard. It is painful, difficult and full of suffering. Horrible things happen to people all the time. We have to work to survive. Rather than working for pleasure, we work out of necessity in order to feed ourselves and our families. We die. It is only in heaven where this suffering is extinct. The problem which we have as Africans is that we cannot show the good side of our countries. In the West, they are very good at spotlighting their positivity, regardless of them struggling with mental health issues, drug abuses and gun violence. Every country has its own problems, what matters the most is how you handle those problems.

South Africa struggles with rampant gun-related violence issues, UK has Brexit, and economically Zimbabwe is not performing well. What just needed is for the government to implement the right policies. But we are moving in the right direction because the bible says, ” all things work bad or good together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”. God allowed our situation. We won’t be in this phase forever, it will come to an end.  Let’s focus our mind to God, not politicians. Our efforts won’t change anything. And tell you what, when people have problems they are drawn closer to God. I think Zimbabwe is at a better place than any other county in the world. These are heavenly statics. We are producing great prophets.

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