PERMICAN Awards 2019: Janet Manyowa, Mambo Dhuterere & Minister Mahendere Tops Nominations

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The nominees of the 2019 Prophets Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa Invitations Concert Awards Night (PERMICAN) were announced this week and topping the list are songbird Janet Manyowa, Minister Michael Mahendere and fast-rising gospel musician Mambo Dhuterere.

Running under the theme “Creatively Touching Souls” the award ceremony which was last heard of three years ago has bounced back on the scene and is set for November 22 at the Harare City Sports Centre.

Manyowa, who has won four Permican awards before, is vying for Song of the Year (Nyasha Nengoni), Album of the Year (Grateful), Video of the Year (Nyasha Nengoni), Best Female Artiste (Grateful), Best Song Writer (Grateful) Best Collaboration (You Are More, featuring Nqubeko Mbata) and Best Live DVD Recording (Grateful).

Multi-award-winning Minister Mahendere is going for the Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Video of the Year, Best Male Artist, Best Song Writer and Best Collaboration.

Gospel rookie Mambo Dhuterere, who is enjoying the success of his new album Dare Guru, also makes a debut on the prestigious award show with five nods in the categories of Best Newcomer, Song of the Year Mweya Ndisesekedze, Best Male Artist, Best Song Writer and Best Collaboration with Tyrymore Bande.

Joyful Praise Choir also features prominently on the list.

Permican Gospel Awards 2019: Janet Manyowa & Mambo Dhuterere, Minister Mahendere Tops Nominations

Here are the nominees:

Song of the Year

  • ‘Nyasha Nengoni’ – Janet Manyowa
  • ‘Salt of The Earth’ (Live) – Minister Michael Mahendere
  • ‘Ngoro Yeminana’ – Joyful Praise Choir
  • ‘Ndozvinoita Nyasha’ – Jonah Chivasa
  • ‘Ndinonzwa Mazwi’ – Kuda Mutsvene
  • ‘Mweya Ndisesekedze’ – Mambo Dhuterere

Album of the Year

  • Classical Worship Volume 2 – Minister Michael Mahendere
  • Grateful – Janet Manyowa
  • Joyful Praise Season 2 – Joyful Praise Choir
  • Many Shades of MJ – Marbel Madondo
  • Jesu Pabasa – Bethany Pasinawako
  • Ndoenda – Nyasha Mutonhori

Video of the Year

  • ‘Nyasha Nengoni’ – Janet Manyowa
  • ‘Salt of The Earth’ (Live) – Minister Michael Mahendere
  • ‘Ndozvinoita Nyasha’ – Jonah Chivasa ft. Chelsea
  • ‘Sekerera’ – Tembalami
  • ‘Ndinonzwa Mazwi’ – Kuda Mutsvene
  • ‘Fambai Naro’ – Vabati Vajehovah ft. Jah Prayzah

Best Group/Duo

  • Joyful Praise Choir – Joyful Praise Season 2
  • Zimpraise – The New Commandment Season 11
  • Worship Culture – Zawa
  • Spirit Praise – Handei
  • Vabati Vajehovah – Fambai Naro

Best Producer

  • Nigel Nyangombe – Classical Worship Vol. 2, The Vine and Salt of The Earth
  • McDee Chidavaenzi – Ndozvionoita Nyasha (Jonah Chivasa)
  • Chiweddar – Many Shades of (MJ)
  • Lyton Ngolomi – Jesu Pabasa (Bethany Pasinawako)
  • Tamie Bimha – Joyful Praise Season 2
  • Joseph Madziyire – Zimpraise Live DVD
  • Andrew Baird – Grateful

Best Urban Contemporary

  • ‘Like It Here’ – Emelda Tshuma
  • ‘Brand New’ – Courtney Antipas
  • ‘Zita Rajesu’ – Pastor G.
  • ‘Sekerera’ – Tembalami
  • ‘Unconditional Love’ – Marbel Madondo
  • ‘Good to Me’ – Sharon Manyika ft. Courtney Antipas
  • ‘God of Bethel’ – Ezekiel Paul

Best Female Artist

  • Janet Manyowa – ‘Grateful’
  • Marbel Madondo– ‘Many Shades of MJ’
  • Bethany Pasinawako – ‘Jesu Pabasa’
  • Tafadzwa Mukaro – ‘Vanondichengeta’
  • Emelda Tshuma – ‘Like it Here’
  • Sharon Manyika – ‘NaMwari’

Best Male Artist

  • Tembalami – ‘Sekerera’
  • Jonah Chivasa – ‘Ndozvinoita Nyasha’
  • Tatenda Mahachi – ‘Victory’
  • Kuda Mutsvene – ‘Ndinonzwa Mazwi’
  • Minster Michael Mahendere – ‘Salt of The Earth’ (Live)

Best Newcomer

  • Ezekiel Paul – ‘God of Bethel’
  • Joyful Praise Choir – ‘Ngoro Yeminana’
  • Mawamba Bunjira – ‘Handidzokere’
  • Best Masinire – ‘Mikana’
  • Worship Culture – ‘Zawa’
  • Mambo Dhuterere – ‘Mweya Ndisesekedze’

Best Traditional

  • Joyful Praise Choir – ‘Ehe Kaka’
  • Vabati Vajehovah ft. Jah Prayzah – ‘Fambai Naro’
  • Lifechanging Nechavava – ‘Ichava Nhorowondo’
  • Spirit Praise – ‘Mutsvene’
  • Mambo Dhuterere – ‘Mweya Ndisesekedze’
  • Blessing Shumba – ‘Pisarema’

Best Collaboration

  • Janet Manyowa ft. Nqubeko Mbata – ‘You Are More’
  • Michael Mahendere ft. Jimmy D Psalmist – ‘My Time Has Come’
  • Joyful Praise Choir ft. Takesure Zamar – ‘Dururai Mweya’
  • Jonah Chivasa ft. Chelsea – ‘Ndozvinoita Nyasha’
  • Vabati Vajehovah ft. Jah Prayzah – ‘Fambai Naro’
  • Mambo Dhuterere ft. Trymore Bande – ‘Ndotenda Ishe Wangu’
  • Sharon Manyika ft. Courtney Antipas – ‘Good to Me’
  • Emelda Tshuma ft. Marbel Madondo – ‘Like It Here’

Best Songwriter

  • Janet Manyowa – Grateful
  • Minister Michael Mahendere – Salt of the Earth (Live)
  • Joyful Praise Choir – Ngoro Yeminana
  • Zimpraise – Zvose Ndezvedu
  • Jonah Chivasa – Ndozvinoita Nyasha
  • Kuda Mutsvene – Ndinonzwa Mazwi
  • Mambo Dhuterere – Mweya Ndisesekedze

Fans can only vote for the Song of The Year, Best Male Artist and Best Female Artist categories. To vote, send an SMS or WhatsApp message to +263 719 345 728 in this format: category followed by artist name and song/video title. e.g. Song of the Year: (name of the artist) (song/video title).

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