Prophet Jay Israel Slams The “Papa Generation” That Exalts Church Leaders More Than God!

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The Generation that fears Papa more than God
The Generation that Prays to the God of Papa before checking If Papa really is connected to God
The Generation that Prays to the God of Papa before checking which God Papa serves.

The Generation that prefers fighting for Papa but can’t fight for the gospel of truth.
The Generation that covers Papa’s sins because it is disloyalty not to do so.
The Generation that is blinded by Papa’s fancy suits and can’t see the filth behind the suits.

The Generation of Women who respect Papa more than they respect their husbands
The Generation of women who kneel before Papa to greet him but serves their husbands’ food while standing.
The Generation of women who calls Papa ‘’Daddy’’ but can’t call their husbands Daddy.

The Generation that follows trends, not scriptures
The Generation that moves with the flow, not with the Holy Spirit
The Generation that believes everything they hear without checking if it’s backed up by the scripture
The Generation that is ready to die for Papa but is not ready to die for the gospel.

The Generation that worships Papa without knowing it.
The Generation that goes to church to listen to Papa’s stories not to the Holy Spirit speaking through a man.
The Generation that has Put Papa under pressure to perform every Sunday.
The Generation that has kicked the Holy Spirit away from the altar and replaced him with a golden Goat designed to the specifications of the church.

Judgement is coming down
Papa will not take you to heaven
Papa will account for himself so will you
Papa knows that he is misleading you but he tries by all means to blind you from seeing it.

Choose what you want today
Papa or God

Prophet Jay Israel is a Zimbabwean born preacher based in East London, South Africa. He is the leader of The Spirit Life Church and is Pastor Alph Lukau‘s spiritual son. He resent the growing phenomenon of wristbands and anointing oil that many mega-church prophets use.

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