What The Attention-Seeking & Cleric-Shaming Is Going On Between Prophets Passion Java, Bushiri & Uebert Angel?

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There has to be an explanation for whatever is unfolding before our eyes. Flamboyant US-based Zimbabwean preacher and Passion Java Ministries/Kingdom Embassy Church leader, Prophet Passion Java sensationally claimed that he saw the death of South Africa-based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in a vision.

The fateful event, according to his oracle, will take place in December.

In a live video, Java who is on the South African leg of his 31st birthday celebration tours which started in Washington D.C, USA, and will continue to Los Angeles and Dubai, said:

“I am still praying for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri… I saw him dying in the month of December. It’s all in my book. If you have not downloaded it, it’s called “I Have Already Told You”. I prophesied what will happen, January-December.

There are things that I reversed for January. I could not even put them in the book because I had already reversed them, but Prophet Bushiri is a great man. So I needed more grace. So, when I met Melchizedek (king of Salem and priest of El Elyon mentioned in the 14th chapter of the Book of Genesis.) now, I was given certain powers. Praying and I’m actually fasting some of the days to reverse it so that it does not happen because there are souls that need him because his assignment is great and big.

“So also pray if God gives you the grace to cover him. No weapon formed against him and the Ministry will prosper. I love you all with the Love of Jesus.”

As emphatic Java might have been in his pleas for intercession, the so-called vision was not welcome with the same courtesy by the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) leader Prophet Bushiri and some of his closest and fellow clerics. In fact, the Malawian-born preacher did not have kind words for Java that he bluntly declared him an attention-seeking and fake prophet.

“I heard someone is trying to prophesy about my death… some, some attention seekers, looking for attention to become popular and fame using some peoples’ names… and trying like, “Oh, I saw it in the spirit, he’s gonna die,” Just for attention. We are around, we are not going anywhere.

“And I won’t even mention his name, because that’s what he wanted to say… when I say, Major One will say my name… Um, I’m not saying his name because he is fake. That’s fake. I’m not dying,” he said before his congregation broke into ululation and celebration.

“It’s not right, it’s not, it’s not even godly to be using some people’s names… you don’t play with words of death. That’s a serious issue. Just to become popular, you wanna use somebody’s name,” said the visibly shaken and traumatised prophet Bushiri.

Several clergymen associated with Bushiri’s movement have since come to his defence.

Bushiri’s spiritual father Uebert Angel, made subtle remarks which seem to be a direct response to Passion Java’s recent prophecy.

Speaking during a live broadcast on his website, the Spirit Embassy: Good News Church leader said that there are different ranks in the prophetic realm and some prophets are not even allowed to prophesy about other prophets.

“Listen and never listen about any nonsense about anybody prophesying nonsense, never. They are levels in the prophetic. There are other prophets who are not even allowed to prophecy about other prophets. Then, there are people who are not even prophets who are not even allowed to prophecy. Just because they use the name prophet doesn’t mean they are prophets. They are fake prophets out there taking advantage of names that are big,” said Angel.

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi, founder of Imperial City Church also dismissed Prophet Java’s prophetic utterance.

In a statement over the weekend Sovi said,

“From my observation, most ‘young’ prophets face self-inflicted ‘persecution’ because of their naivety. The Bible warns against hastiness in (Eccl 5:1) and in (Prov 21:23) it says: Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles. And by the way, Major1 is not dying any time soon…take my word for it.”

Sovi added that in the spirit realm there is a hierarchy that was created by God which must never be undermined.

Of interest to note is that both Prophet Bushiri and Prophet Java were both introduced to the prophetic ministry by Uebert Angel, their spiritual father. Sadly, the spiritual entente between Java and Angel collapsed two years ago, and terrible was the fallout that Java, who had named his son after Uebert had to change the young boy’s name and birth certificate too.

Java has now turned out to American preacher Bishop Noel Jones as his spiritual father.

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